The Best Budget Projector for a Home Theater


Many good brands manufacture different types of projectors like a wireless projector or a 3D projector for home use and offer them at affordable prices. So, if you take your entertainment very seriously, now is a very good time to invest in a good projector for home theater. 

Here is a List of Some of the Best Budget Projectors for a Home Theater:

BenQ HT2150ST

The BenQ HT2150ST should be one of your top choices while looking for a budget projector for home cinema. It comes with a short-throw lens, so you get to place it very close to your wall or screen and expect large, vibrant visuals to play out in front of your eyes. This DLP projector offers a resolution of 1080 pixels and you will have no issue with the sharpness, brightness or any other aspect of the visuals produced on the screen. One of the reasons why many people prefer it is because of the ease with which it can be set up.

Epson Home Cinema 2250

If you prefer watching films with the room lights on, this is the projector you should be investing in. One of the biggest selling points of the Epson Home Cinema 2250 is the fact that it comes equipped with a built-in streaming media player. This projector offers you the assurance of wonderful light output and accurate image reproduction. It is known for producing very bright images and you don’t need to make too many adjustments in its settings to get the best possible video output. It supports both Android TV integration and Bluetooth audio output. 



The LG PF610P is ideal for those who have a small or modest-sized screen and are looking for a smart projector. Since it is dependent on an LED light source, there will never be a need to get a bulb replaced. Once you use it, you will vouch for the fact that it offers great detailing and color accuracy. It comes with a built-in speaker that produces decent audio output. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Since it is a small, budget projector, a couple of modern features like lens shift and zoom are missing. 

BenQ HT2050A

If you have a budget of $1000, then you could consider buying the BenQ HT2050A. Armed with a 24-watt lamp, this projector does a very good job of reproducing bright and sharp images on the screen. The lamp is known to last through 6,000-7,000 hours of usage. Its lens shifting and zooming processes are very impressive too. Because of its ability to render a good degree of dark black level, the contrast offered by it is very good. Whether you stream a movie or play out a Blu Ray disc, this projector will offer you satisfactory results.

Viewsonic PX701-4K

The Viewsonic PX701-4K serves as a proof of the fact that you can get a projector that offers 4K resolution even if you have just about a 1000 dollars to spend. This projector produces sharp and crystal-clear visuals owing to the kind of mechanism it comes equipped with. It offers high refresh rate and low input lag and for a budget 3d projector for home, the number of features it offers you is truly incredible. It also gives you the opportunity to choose from different visual modes. Owing to the DLP BrilliantColor technology it uses, the brightness and accuracy levels of the images produced by it ar quite high. 

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