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GRE preparation

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is one of the most popular standardized tests in the world that is conducted by the ETS (Education Testing Service) for admissions into graduate programs worldwide. The main sections of this test are Verbal reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, Analytical reasoning, Unscored and finally, the Research section.

However, to achieve a good score, one needs to have a thorough knowledge and preparation about each of the first three main sections. This can only be possible through proper resources such as books and online e-books. Thus, we have created a list of some of the best books for sectional wise GRE preparation.

Best Books for GRE Quantitative Section:

1. Manhattan Prep: GRE Math Strategies

The updated version of the Manhattan Prep GRE Math strategies has been carefully written and curated by the 99 percentile GRE instructors. This book has been designed taking into consideration the students who are preparing for the GRE test. This book features comprehensive lessons detailing various strategies that can be implemented to GRE specific math questions.

Moreover, it talks about time-saving strategies for questions such as data interpretation which otherwise is rather time-consuming. Lastly, each chapter covers different math topics supported by various examples and explanations.

2. Kaplan GRE Math Workbook

This book has been at the forefront of GRE preparation for generations; Kaplan’s GRE Math Workbook is designed by GRE teachers and veterans who are well aware of all the concepts and strategies that will help the GRE test takers. Furthermore, it contains more than 1000 quant practice questions, including the review and breakdown of key math strategies and its step-by-step process.

Best Books for GRE Analytical Writing Section:

1. GRE Analytical Writing Solutions for the Real Essay Topics

This is a book completely focused on offering GRE aspirants the best Analytical writing strategies and concepts. The best part about this book is that it comprises 60 distinct topics with arguments and issues to help you build your analytical skills in the best way possible.

This book mainly outlines the steps that one should follow when it comes to addressing a question. Moreover, it allows you to get insights into various topics and helps you to understand and build relative strategies based on each topic.

2. The Official Guide to the GRE General Test by ETS

The Official Guide to the GRE General Test by ETS is a training manual that the GRE test makers have formed. Taking this into account, most of the GRE aspirants rely on this book for their GRE analytical writing preparation, considering the legitimacy and label of the original GRE test makers behind it.

This book contains GRE test papers and practice tests of two previous years and a useful guide with questions and strategies that will eventually help you build your critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.

Best Books for GRE Verbal Section:

1. The Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice by ETS

The book consists of all the necessary details that a GRE aspirant would need to ace their verbal reasoning skills. It provides detailed employment reviews of all types of GRE verbal reasoning questions.

Additionally, it also contains around 150 verbal reasoning questions cited from the actual GRE tests, thus allowing students to get an idea of the types of questions asked in GRE. Hence, it is easier for GRE aspirants to practice and identify their strengths and weaknesses through its comprehensive question and answer banks with proper explanations.

2. Barron’s Verbal Workbook

The author of this book has very carefully designed and compiled to help students get access to a plethora of verbal reasoning question types and help them understand the main strategies attached to each to answer different types of questions. Besides, it contains a GRE dictionary with words and their meanings which all GRE test takers must include in his/her preparation.


After reading through all the information mentioned in this article, we hope you have gained some insights regarding which books you should be targeting for your sectional wise GRE preparation. These books would give you the momentum you need to complete the GRE preparation successfully.

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