The Best Beyblade In The World

best beyblade in the World

Overall, this easily wins the title as the best beyblade in the entire world. This beyblade is certainly one of the best beyblades to have the pleasure of testing. It weighs in at only a little over 4 pounds and comes with great artwork all over. The design is very unique and will surely grab your attention.

The Beyblade Metal Fusion is an original design created by Takanori Honda, who is considered to be one of Japan’s best beyblade designers. This design has won the hearts of many beybladers everywhere as well as the hearts of boys. There are two possible controls used for this beyblade; the usual button style or the wristwatch like buttons that do the same thing. Both have their own unique advantages. This beyblade comes with a special attack called Double Strike, which will surely make you want to try this out.


This beyblade comes with a cool futuristic look, which is quite impressive. The futuristic colors that have been incorporated into the design are simply great looking. In terms of strength, it is not as strong as some of the other best beyblades, but then again, it is not as light as some of the heavier beyblades either. But what it does have is awesome color combinations and a cool design that will surely get you hooked on it.

The design that this beyblade uses is pretty simple yet effective. A red and black strap with a flower and four green tops looks very stylish and neat. This has made many people go for this one as their best beyblades. The best part is that there are different sizes of these tops so that you can easily find the one that fits you best.

One of the coolest features of this beyblade is the Dragon Head Rest. This has a separate disc that rests on the beyblade top layer. The cool thing about this is that it can be used as your rest and whenever you want to relax, you can put the disc below it will give you the best anti-gravity effects while you are spinning. However, the dragon head tops cannot be detached from the beyblade by just putting the disc below it. The disc will come off by itself if you do not use it for a few seconds and the dragon heads will come flying off again.

Another awesome feature of this beyblade is the beyblade burst evolution. By combining the beyblade’s light and speed with the special button, the beyblades will release out the next layer of color. By doing this, you can switch from light colors to dark ones and even change from the button to the face button. By using the button properly, you can make your beyblades change in many ways like spinning faster, making them fly higher and coming back at you faster. All of these will be very powerful beyblades and can really make your opponents angry with fear.

There are other beyblades in the market and some of them may seem good but none of them can beat the best beyblade in the World. These best beyblades can really make the players on the team feel special. They can really make them feel a million dollars when they are winning in tournaments. They can also create a competitive edge for any player who would want to have the edge over the other players. Whether they are for fun or for competitions, these beyblades will always be there.

So, what is the best beyblade for you? It all depends on you. There are different kinds of beyblades and some can be better than others. If you think that your skills are not up to par, you should try the top five best beyblades in the market. If you combine them with proper training, practice and patience, you will surely get to your goal.

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