Bed Sheets for Hot Sleepers
Bed Sheets for Hot Sleepers

The selection of a bed sheet is not easy because the market is full with a wide variety of options to consider. Hot sleepers love to buy bed sheets manufactured with natural material because they are breathable. Bed sheets are available in different kinds of fabrics and each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. 


Cotton is the most common fiber/material to manufacture quality bed sheets and cotton filled comforters. It is durable and found in abundance. The cotton sucks moisture from your skin. The quality of bed sheet varies depending on the quality and thread count of the cotton fibers. The price of bed sheet also varies according to the quality of the bed sheet. The cotton bed sheets are weaved in a variety of ways but percale and sateen are the two most common types of weaves.

Sateen bed sheets are softer and silkier than percale and other types of cotton bed sheets. People prefer sateen bed sheets due to their softness, smoothness and silky touch. These bed sheets are clingy than other types of fabrics. On the other hand percale bed sheets are crispy than others. Percale weave is the most durable than others.

Cotton Polyester 

When we talk about the wrinkles then cotton polyester bed sheets are preferred. These bed sheets are not very soft than cotton bed sheets. The ratio of cotton and polyester might be different. We know that polyester is synthetic material so it cannot absorb moisture from your skin.


No doubt silk is very soft but it has some disadvantages too. Silky bed sheets are clingy and they are not breathable. These sheets are sticky and hot. Silk sheets are expensive because they are manufactured with silk obtained from silk worms after a lengthy process. These bed sheets are difficult to wash so they are not in common use.


These bed sheets are made from synthetic material so they do not absorb moisture. These bed sheets can be warmer, cheaper and softer than other types of bed sheets. The hot sleepers love to buy such bed sheets due to their breathability.

Bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo bed sheets are made from wooden material. They are moist absorbent bed sheets. These types of bed sheets are mostly used in Asia where environmental circumstances are different than U.S.A.


Linen is an excellent material to weave high quality bed sheets. This fabric is a good absorbent of moist and made from flax plant. The quality linen is very expensive and durable. Linen fibers are somewhat different than other types of bed sheets. These bed sheets are durable and can last for years if care properly. The numbers of threads don’t matter in these bed sheets.

All the above types of materials are used to manufacture quality bed sheets. They are manufactured in a variety of designs, colors and thread count. They are available in the market at different prices. People select a bed sheet according to their nature and requirement. Moreover the weather is also important factor in the selection of the bed sheet.

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