Best Airport in Saudi Arabia for Umrah Arrival and Departure

When you think about traveling, it is quite natural that you also think about the airport. This is because it significantly contributes to your journey. You might already know that your airport choice will determine whether you will have a comfortable traveling experience. This is why you might want to know about the best airport in Saudi Arabia for Umrah arrival and departure. 

You must choose a suitable airport to ensure a convenient journey. Even if all the airports are equally nice, this doesn’t mean they are perfect for you. Therefore, you must know that many factors affect your choice of the airport in any region. 

Do you want to book Umrah Packages 2024 from USA but want to know which Saudi airport will suit you the best? If so, here is the ideal guide for you. 

Popular Airport Choices for Umrah Arrival and Departure

It is vital to know that there is no airport in Mecca. Therefore, if you are going for an Umrah, you must choose among your other popular choices. Here are the airports that pilgrims prefer to arrive and depart from;

  1. King Abdulaziz International Airport (Jeddah)

It is the busiest airport because it is among the pilgrims’ most popular airport choices. King Abdulaziz International Airport is the only airport close to Mecca’s sacred city. Therefore, you must enter the state of Ihram if you arrive at this airport. Therefore, every pilgrim who wants to perform an Umrah as soon as they land prefers to arrive at this airport.

It is a newly built airport, which is modern and advanced. This airport is the busiest one in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, you must prepare for the crowd you might see at the airport during arrival and departure.

  1. Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport (Medina)

The second most popular airport choice among the Umrah pilgrims is the Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Airport in Medina. Pilgrims who want to rest or explore Medina before going for an Umrah prefer to land at this airport. It is smaller as compared to the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and is also less busy. 

Therefore, people traveling to the region with children or the elderly like to land at this airport as it is not as crowded. You can easily take a day’s break or stay in the sacred city of Medina for a few days before heading to Mecca for Umrah. Traveling between the two holy cities is convenient because of the Haramain train. 

Other Airports for Umrah Arrival and Departure

  • In the Case of the Umrah Visa

If you have an Umrah visa, the other two airport options that you will have along with the Jeddah and Medina airports are;

  1. Yanbu Airport
  2. Taif International Airport

In case you are traveling through national carriers, you can also arrive and depart from the following airports;

  1. King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh
  2. King Fahd International Airport, Dammam 
  • In the case of Tourist eVisa

Citizens of forty-nine countries can also perform Umrah with the Saudi tourist eVisa. Therefore, you can land at whatever airport you want with this visa. You can also have a whole vacation at various tourist destinations before or after performing the Umrah. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Airport

If you need clarification about the best airport in Saudi Arabia for Umrah arrival and departure that will suit you the best, you will have to consider the below-listed factors.

  1. People You Are Traveling With

Even though most people will think, why do we even have to consider the people we are traveling with for our Umrah, it is vital to your journey. It becomes more vital if you are traveling with your family. 

The children and elderly of the family might get uncomfortable in the crowded Jeddah airport. Moreover, they might not be in a position to perform Umrah immediately. So, landing at a distant airport like Medina gives you and your family a chance to rest before you embark on the spiritual journey. 

  1. Your Travel Plan 

Also, consider what is your travel plan to explore the region. Whether you want to explore Medina first, explore other tourist attractions, or perform an Umrah, the first thing you do in the region. All these factors will affect your airport choice.

Final Words

Are you looking for Ramadan Umrah packages but are confused about your preferred airport to land in the region? If you know the airport you want to land at, you can choose the Umrah package with the right flight. Therefore, it is an essential consideration before you choose your Umrah deal. 

The best airport in Saudi Arabia for Umrah arrival and departure is the Jeddah airport because it is the closest to Mecca. This is why many pilgrims prefer this airport. But you have another choice, too, so make sure that you explore your options and choose what will suit you the best.