Best 5 Fun Indoor Team Building Activities For Employees

fun indoor team building activities for employees
fun indoor team building activities for employees

For many years, teamwork has been at the forefront of employee-focused efforts. Also, it is important in encouraging staff morale. That is why, today’s companies try to engage their employees with the use of different activities, games, exercises, etc. Therefore, for this purpose, there are different indoor team building activities available.

So, if you are also searching for some fun indoor team building activities for employees, then you are at an accurate place. Here you will find various fun activities for employees indoor games that you can use to engage your employees. So, if you want to know the same, scroll down and learn.

Fun Indoor Team Building Activities For Employees

Following are some of the indoor team building activities for employees. Let’s have a look at them;


This game puts the team’s survival instincts to the test. However, to play this activity, divide everyone into four or five groups. The teams are lost in the arctic, and they must construct a shelter to survive the harsh winds. The group appoints a leader who is supposed to be suffering from frostbite and unable to move. While the rest of the team is supposed to be blindfolded due to snow blindness.

The leader guides the team on how to construct the shelter without using any manual labor. Also, the teammates must do it while blindfolded.

Penny For Your Thoughts

Team members are generally afraid to open out to one another, which holds back honest communication. For those team members, this activity is one of the perfect indoor team building activities. 

The icebreaker game penny for thoughts is ideal for relaxing up teams and making them feel at ease. This requires collecting pennies and other coins from the year specified and storing them in a container or box. The most crucial thing to remember is that none of the coins should be older than the team’s youngest member.

Following that, each group member selects a coin and, based on the year, needs to share something significant/memorable/special that occurred in that year.

This provides interesting insights into your coworkers’ life and makes future encounters less stressful.

Pencil Drop

All you will need are some pencils, ropes, and a water bottle to complete this funny activity. This entertaining game lowers tension in the group and provides excellent one-on-one interaction. To perform the pencil drop, tie one of the knots to the eraser end of the pencil. And the remaining two free ends around the waists of two team members who are facing each other.

Request that they go back and forth to drop the pencil into the water container on the floor below. The participating pair is not required to use their hands. This can be done as a stand-alone fun challenge or as a race between various pairings.

Flip It Over

“Flip it over” is the activity if you want your team to learn the nitty-gritty of working together and cooperating in the genuine sense. This activity is one of the best indoor team building activities for employees. 

However, to play this activity, instruct 6-8 people to form a group and stand on a blanket/towel/tarp, leaving 1⁄4 of the space unoccupied. Challenge the group to turn the tarp/blanket over and stand on the opposite side of the sheet. All of this was done without ever stepping out of the blanket or touching the ground outside the sheet.

This will challenge the group to come up with unique solutions and actually collaborate in order to achieve the shared objective. It will also show the issues that arise when one team member refuses to collaborate, putting the rest of the team is a problem.


This activity is also one of the best indoor team building activities. Well, everyone enjoys looking at photographs. And that is exactly what this game provides. 

It takes roughly 30 minutes to complete the task. There are 30 sequence photographs that build a narrative. The participants are given the photos and asked not to show them to anybody else. Of course, they may discuss and describe the features of their image. The task requires the partners to create a unified tale and place the photographs in the correct order without glancing at each other’s pictures.

This game provides a lot of opportunities to master important skills. For example, speaking effectively and patiently, recognizing others’ perspectives, making sense of the facts at hand, and allowing leaders to emerge and take leadership of the situation.

Final Words

However, we have discussed the various fun indoor team building activities for employees. In the above blog, you have gone through and understood the different amazing indoor team building activities. Use and apply these activities and games to engage your employees and keep them happy. This happy environment also helps your company to increase your production and take you to success.