bespoke suiting

The term most of the gentlemen confusing with the custom made suiting.

The bespoke term comes from the word “bespeak,” which means to “speak for something” particular to create a unique product. It may tailor to the customers, tastes, and is usually related to one garment or accessories made exclusively for one person.

Bespoke suit processing is entirely different than made to measure. In bespoke suiting, never use ready and standard patterns.

 Your body measurements transferring directly to the fabric by the master tailor and cutting the materials and making and forming the suit, or creating the unique pattern from scratch by the tailor exclusively for you.

 Usually, Bespoke Suit Vancouver involve more than 60 hours of mastery hand-craftsmanship. You can decide and choose any detail you want, but In made to measure, usually you pick from suppliers catalog just a few simple options.

Unfortunately, many are made to measure these days and even ready to wear suit suppliers abusing the market and using the “bespoke” term for non-bespokeproducts because it is not protected by trademark.

Bespoke Suit’s quality is matters.

The bespoke garment should always fit perfectly, but a proper fit is not the only criteria for the perfect tailored suit. There are some other essentials criteria you must pay attention to when you order the bespoke suits.

Experienced Master Tailor

Any tailor can make the suit, but only a skilled master tailor can create comfortable bespoke suits; choose the tailor who makes the whole suit from the beginning to the end. The bespoke suits are like a piece of art; a lot of artistry hand-craftsmanship involves creating and forming processes; you can have an excellent result when the entire-suit makes all by the same tailor.

Bespoke suits should see as an investment

You should consult with your tailor precisely the following:

1) The purpose of the suit and where you are gone wear it?

2) Your job, activity, and social life

3) A garment will use for occasion or business, and how you would like to be seen by others.

4) The role of the suit in your personal branding and positioning yourself

5) What kind of message you want to send out when you are wearing the suit ( social appearance)

6) Also, the most crucial point is the role of this suit in your current wardrobe. Also, this garment must match and work in harmony with your wardrobe contents.

Quality of the fabrics

The bespoke suits cost is much higher than MTM and RTW, and your new tailored garment will stay last long in your wardrobe. You have to consult with your master tailor and choose the right fabrics which fit your personality and needs. Also, climate plays a crucial role in this choice.

Opt for a classic style for last long

Choose a classic style that is not out of trend, like the notched lapel if it is for all-purpose, two buttons coats…

Shoulder type

Opt for a Neapolitan and soft shoulder if you prefer to have light and a soft structure, this option will help you move more freely and obtain classic and sports look simultaneously.

Comfort and functionality of the Jacket (Hand basting Canvasing)

Hand basting canvas is the most delicate part of the handmade Bespoke Suit Maker in Canada, which is the foundation for comfort and flexibility, and longevity of the Jacket. Men’s body is expanding more than one size during the breathing and on the extreme movement (average one size 4 cm x 3.14=12.6 cm expansion in diameter).

The question is, “How should we create the Jacket to have an extra 12 cm more room without changing the proper fit and look of the Jacket?

The answer is simple:” Make hand-basting canvases on the chest, collar, lapels, and hand sewing the Jacket.

Machine stitch is lock stitch and locking the fabric’s layers to the lining and interlining and inners, and does not allow any movement and expansion of your Jacket. The hand-basting structure provides the wearer with maximum free movement because hand stitch is loose and fabrics and inside the inner structure will move freely with body movement in harmony. Of course, this process takes a lot of the time and considers the engine of the Jacket.

This type of suit construction creates functionality and plays a suspension role for the Jacket and coats. After few days of wearing the coat, canvas taking body shape and coat will sit correctly and form into body shape like the second skin, especially if used linen canvas.

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