6 Important Benefits Of Taking Lessons From A Professional Driving School

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Most teenagers, love the thought of driving their parent’s car and showing it off to their friends, but at the same time, they need to be aware that driving a car is not as easy as it looks, and it should be taken seriously. Not to mention, mistakes and irresponsible actions taken by them while driving can lead to negative consequences for themselves, their families, and can also harm others around them as well.  Driving without adequate knowledge of road rules and regulations can be a dangerous task. So, it is vital to learn how to drive safely and defensively. And the best way to learn to drive is by taking driving lessons in Glasgow East. Moreover, by going to a professional driving school, you will not only attain knowledge of the basics of driving but also be taught more advanced skills to navigate through several types of dangers on the road and in traffic.

Also, in a professional driving school, a student driver is taught by experienced instructors that are trained and specialized in teaching students to become safe and defensive drivers. And, we all must agree that it is crucial to be taught the correct way to drive because these skills are going to last a lifetime, as students will always remember how they were taught for the first time and who taught them.

So, here are a few benefits of taking driving lessons from a professional driving school:

1. Driving School Increases Your Safety

According to a study done by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2015, driver education most definitely reduces the number of accidents and traffic tickets among young drivers. And, as per the study, teenagers who did not receive professional training were:

  • 75% more expected to get a traffic ticket
  • 24% more expected to be involved in an accident including injuries or death
  • 16% more expected to get into an accident of some kind

Also, a study by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC found, “Research suggests that the more comprehensive GDL programs are associated with reductions of 26% to 41% in fatal crashes and reductions of 16% to 22% in overall crashes, among 16-year-old drivers.”

These various studies show that receiving training from a professional driving school, by certified driving instructors prepares you better for driving and decreases your chances of getting tickets and getting into accidents.

2. Driving School Teaches Driving Laws

The Government has made various rules for driving and different regions or states have some different regulations which need to be followed when in there.  Also, these laws keep changing. But, certified driving instructors always remain up-to-date on all the current driving laws for their state and can help you learn them with their expertise.

3. Driving School gives Valuable Driving Experience

Books and videos can teach you a lot of things about driving, but getting behind the wheel and practical driving makes all the difference in the world. And a driving school helps you experience just that, which includes several hours behind the wheel, while preparing drivers for the situations they will face on the road.  Not to mention, situations like losing traction in the rain or snow can make even an experienced driver panic and freeze up even when they “know” what to do.  So, experience helps drivers to stay calm and controlled in such moments.

4. Driving School Increases Confidence

The most common thing that affects young drivers is a lack of confidence. This can make them panic in unexpected situations, and eventually cause accidents. Whereas, professional training from a good driving school can help boost the confidence of new and young drivers because they will learn what to do in various situations and, through experience, they will learn to trust their training as well. 

5. Driving School Reduces Recklessness

In contrast to the information mentioned above, other important thing that affects young drivers is over-confidence. Which certainly leads to reckless driving.  So, it is necessary for young drivers to attend driving school because only a professional driving instructor can teach them about the risks of driving and how reckless driving can affect them as well as others.

6. Driving School Can Help Improve Specific Driving Skills

Even if you have been driving for years and feel comfortable behind the wheel in every kind of situation, there still might be some situations that could make you uncomfortable. For instance, parallel parking, merging, or something else. But don’t worry because your driving instructor can help you master those specific skills.

There are many benefits to driving school which help not only the person taking the course, but everyone else on the road.  While it does take some time and costs a little money, in the end, it is more than worth it.  You will likely save money, reduce stress, and be safer.

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