5 Benefits Of Reblocking Your House


Over a while, and especially in the case of old structures, stumps sink or weaken, or both. Some of the most common reasons for it include soil movement, decaying on account of dampness in the soil, etc. The sinking or weakening of stumps can lead to severe concerns such as wall cracks to structural collapse! Here, professional reblocking, Melbourne, proves helpful. It involves replacing the stumps and resulting in several benefits, which we are going to look at through this blog.

5 Advantages of House Reblocking, Melbourne

When done through experienced professionals that use the right equipment and techniques, reblocking can lead to several benefits. Let us look at five of them.

Renewed Stumps

As mentioned earlier, stumps sink, weaken, and are subject to various other damages, with time and owing to soil changes and ground movements. Such weakened stumps can lead to severe repercussions, at times, including irreparable damage to the home. Since reblocking involves replacing the stumps, it eliminates the need to live with aged, weakened and damaged stumps. It renews the set, thus safeguarding the home to a considerable extent and minimizes the risk. 

Prevention of Cracks and Weakened Foundation

A weakened foundation, caused due to old and weak stumps, can develop cracks, and further, if not attended to on time, such cracks can harm the walls, thus causing severe damage to the home. However, reblocking replaces the stumps and helps prevent cracks that can prove detrimental to the home’s health in the long run. 

Revived Foundation and Strength

Reblocking also refers to reviving the foundation of the home by replacing old stumps with new ones. It restrengthens the base of the house and helps it regain its strength. This, in turn, translates into enhanced safety and increased durability. 

Maintenance of Evenness

Sinking stumps can make the home uneven, create slopes, and thus make it challenging to move around. Further, it can increase pressure over a particular part of the home, thus giving rise to safety concerns. But reblocking proves helpful. It involves replacing sinking and damaged stumps with new ones that help the home regain its evenness and thus avoid safety issues in the long run.

Enables Renovation

Renovation involves making changes to varying extents, such as demolishing a particular part of the home, building an additional one, or replacing it with a new one, etc. While making these changes to an old house, you must check how strong the home’s foundation (a part of which are the stumps) is. If the foundation is not adequately strong, reblocking enables replacing the stumps and enhancing the basic strength of the home. Further, the fact that it helps the home revive its strength can pave the way to compliant renovation done through experts.

Reblocking is an essential activity that requires expert intervention to ensure it is done in time and in the proper manner. Of course, you’ve got a lot of experts for reblocking Melbourne. However, Australian Diggers is one of the best in business.


If your home is developing cracks, the floor is becoming uneven, or the base seems to have weakened over the years, if you want to renovate your home, you must first consider reblocking. It proves beneficial in many ways, five of which are here.

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