Benefits of Electric Tractor – How Is It Profitable For Indian Farmers?

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As you know, agriculture is one of the biggest sectors in India. Over 50% of the population are engaged in agriculture, and also over 60% of people are employed in it. A tractor is an essential partner of agriculture, completing various farming operations. With time, agriculture became a developing sector in India. And many new developments are happening in this sector, and one of those inventions is the electric tractor.

Now, if you ask what it is, we already tell you that it is a tractor type that runs without a driver, meaning it is driverless. To know more about electric tractors and, most importantly, to know the benefits of electric tractors, keep with this blog. As in this blog, we show some major benefits of electric tractors, which will help you know their qualities.

What Is Electric Tractor

The electric tractor is another great invention in the tractor market. It is the most innovative and excellent tractor which is famous globally. The electric tractor, also called an autonomous tractor or driverless tractor is the latest technology in agriculture. The tractor is made with the most advanced technology, which removes the requirement of humans to drive the tractor.

Massey Ferguson tractor price

According to the experts, electric tractors will give a facelift to farming, taking the sector to the heights of success. This advanced tractor makes agriculture more profitable and easy. It is a driverless tractor that provides high efficiency in the working area. The electric tractor is made with a battery which enhances extra expenses. Along with this, electric tractor prices are pretty low for farmers.

Benefits Of Electric Tractor

Electric tractors have a bunch of benefits that help to perform farming operations. Also, they are suitable for all types of farming applications and farm fields. Check out below for some best advantages of electric tractors.

Repair & Maintenance

The first benefit of an electric tractor is related to repair and maintenance. As you know, farmers always want a reliable and durable tractor that completes all their requirements. For this, all farmers maintain their tractors and also repair them from time to time. Sometimes, tractor maintenance and repair would be costly.

But with electric tractors, farmers never faced these kinds of problems. As electric tractor engines have few moving parts meaning fewer things can go wrong, which gives your tractor less time to operate and more time to put it to good use.

Environment Friendly

The second benefit of electric tractors is related to the environment. As you know, nowadays the climate and environment are polluted which affects our lives very badly. So, after viewing all of this, the tractor manufacturers designed electric tractors. They contain batteries that protect the environment from being polluted.

Farmers can get electricity for electric tractors from the solar system. Some other eco-friendly properties of electric tractors are that they do not make noise and smoke. Electric tractors emit far less than their stinky diesel counterparts. Some models have a claimed reduction of 80%! It is quite important when we are talking about the future of our planet.

Work Efficiency

The third benefit is related to work efficiency. Desired output without any extra effort is the only need of farmers and electric tractors to complete it. The electric motor boasts a 90% efficiency rate. Of course, you also have to pay attention to charging the battery, which has an efficiency rating of around 80%. Good efficiency means high production, which farmers want.

Low Operating Cost

The fourth benefit is related to the operating cost. Perhaps the most important consideration for any farmer while buying a tractor is the cost of operating it. You want to make a decent profit and want to do so; You need to keep your running costs as low as possible. With electric tractors, it is possible as it provides high efficiency, you have to pay for less energy to run it. Some models claim a 30 to 50 % reduction in energy costs.

Some Major Highlights of Electric Tractors

  • Electric tractors will surely save farmer’s precious time as e-tractor come with engines that don’t have 300 parts like diesel tractors.
  • The e-tractor will have features like battery swapping, regenerative braking, power inversion (quad charging UPS) and fast charging.
  • The power of the electric tractor is 6hp which is equivalent to a 21 hp diesel tractor, and on a single charge, it can run for 75 km at a speed of 20 kmph.
  • It takes up to six hours for an electric tractor to fully charge the battery in a residential environment, while the battery in an industrial power socket can charge as fast as 2 hours.
  • The e-tractor is made as per zero-emission, which makes it environmentally friendly.

So, after reading this blog, we hope you will get all the benefits of electric tractors. And you must have also come to know how important this tractor is for productive farming. This single machine can easily do all the work of the farmers and remove the farmer’s tension. For more such informative topics, stay tuned with us. You can also check a Massey Ferguson tractor price at TractorGuru.

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