The benefits of eggs for hair and skin


If egg has always been popular for its super power nutrients for the heath, notice that it also plays a great role in the cosmetic field. Natural, cheap but efficient, using egg within your daily hair or skin care can be beneficial for your appearance in general. These are some tips to remember.

Using egg for the hair

For all types of hair, egg can be a super food. If you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny, rely on egg whites and yolks. In the yolk, you can find full of vitamin A,D,E and K but also folate and lecithin. The egg whites are very rich in selenium, magnesium, potassium, Calcium and phosphorous. White and yolk are a rich source of protein as they contain more than 8 grams.


If you mix the egg in your hair, it produces copper, iron, zinc and a large scale of B vitamins including vitamins B1, B2, B5 and B7. This last is known to be efficient for the hair growth. And these nutrients can easily make your hair more flexible and strong. If you select the grass-fed or free-range eggs, like you can find at Igreca, you will have a nutrient rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

What is good for the hair: the white or the yolks?

Both the whie and the yolk can bring in up to 20 good nutrients for your hair. If you want to let aside the use of artificial cream or chemicals for your hair care, you can replace it with the yolks which are naturally fullof fats. As a result, your hair becomes more moisturized.

To remove the excess of greaze and oil, focus on the egg whites that are rich in enzymes. They are generally used to get rid of bacteria and to keep the scalp clean. If you have a normal type of hair or oily one, you can use blended whites and yolks. Use the yolk on the ends of the hair and the whites to your scalp.

Besides, notice that egg plays a huge role in the protein bringing on the hair. Keratine, the protein that is needed to get a healthy hair can be found within the eggs. By making regular egg mask, you can maintain your protein level high and contribute to the growth of your hair.

The importance of the egg for the skin

But the eggs are not only interesting for the hair. It also plays a great role in the nourishing and the care of the skin. In fact, as it contains a lot of lutein, it can bring elasticity and hydration to the skin. Besides, the protein in it contributes to the repairing of the tissue to keep the skin always firm.

The main role of the whites is to tighten the pores and to remove the excess oil. As far as the yolk is concerned, remember that it is helpful to add moisture to skin. If you use the whole egg, it will nourish, hydrate and moisturize a dull skin. This mask is also used in various skin treatment such as antibacterial aid for acne and aging skin.

Eating egg can already bring benefits for hair and skin

If we use the egg for your daily cosmetic ritual, you can get palpable results. But if you eat eggs, you already take care of your body, your hair and skin. In fact, you just have to know how to eat them. Only 1 egg per day is enough to bring the main proteins that you need from it. For instance, some studies stipulate that one egg a day brings in the sufficient zeanthin and lutein your body need.