Cardamom benefits, what it is for and recipes


Antibacterial properties, improved digestion, cholesterol, and blood pressure: know all the benefits of cardamom and how to use it in the diet!

There are three types of cardamom, green, black, and Malagasy, but the most used is green cardamom, which is even among the world’s three most expensive spices.

In this way, cardamom is usually added to savory, sweet dishes, and even tea because of its mint-like flavor. But it is not just flavor that this spice brings.

Cardamom Benefits

Its seeds, oils, and extracts are believed to contain medicinal properties capable of offering several benefits to the body.

Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action

Some animal studies have shown that cardamom can have an anticarcinogenic (fight cancer) and anti-inflammatory effect.

Because of its anti-inflammatory property, it is often used in cases of sore throat. It is also very good for fighting and treating colds and flu. Below you will see a cardamom tea recipe that is great for that purpose.

Helps to lower blood pressure

One of the effects of cardamom is the diuretic effect, and researchers believe that its property can help to lower blood pressure.

Good for improving digestion

Cardamom extract can help fight gastrointestinal problems, such as acidity, gas, and colic. Also, the fibers present in cardamom help in the intestine’s regular functioning and thus prevent constipation.

Helps fight asthma

This is possible because the condiment offers bronchodilatory effects, which decrease the resistance of the airways and increases the passage of air to the lungs.


Prevents bad breath and the formation of cavities

The habit of some cultures is to eat a whole cardamom after a meal. This is done because it contains substances that help kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities and leave a refreshing taste in the mouth.

Other benefits of cardamom

  • Stimulates appetite: it increases the activity of some enzymes in the body and can be used by people who need to gain weight;
  • It is an aphrodisiac: because cardamom contains stimulating substances that can help increase libido;
  • It improves the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails: by combating the effects of free radicals generated by exposure to the sun or pollution, in addition to helping in the synthesis of collagen.

How to use cardamom

Cardamom can be used in powder, in the form of whole pods, and also in capsules. In addition to being versatile, it is widely available, as it is generally not difficult to find.

Powdered cardamom is found in grocery stores, but if you have a choice, buy the whole pods and grind them with other spices. However, capsules offer an advantage: they are more powerful and have a longer shelf life.

Cardamom can be used whole or dipped in hot water and various liquids to create teas and other infused drinks.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Cardamom can be added to tea or coffee. In this way, this mixture promotes a pleasant and refreshing aroma. It can also be included in ground coffee before brewing;
  • Another way to use and insert in desserts like puddings, cakes, ice cream, cream or sprinkle on a fruit salad;
  • Ground cardamom seeds can be used for soups, pates, stews, purees, and rice dishes. In addition, you can also add cardamom in stews, all kinds of breads, pancakes, and pies.

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