What Benefits You Get at Salesforce B2B Commerce Solution?



Salesforce is popularly known for its evolving CRM platform, however it is certainly much more than that. There are many tools in the Salesforce ecosystem that helps in the growth of the company. It basically helps you to streamline your processes to get better insights as well as the seamless way to implement them. Starting learning from Salesforce B2B Commerce Online Course to know more about its capabilities and features. 

What is Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud and how to use it for your business growth?

Salesforce was earlier known as Cloud Craze, before Salesforce acquired it in 2018. Before the acquisition, Cloud Craze was successfully running in various companies. It was working as a managed package and brought many custom objects. However, that wasn’t happening with the Salesforce approach. Salesforce aims to build a brand new B2B commerce on the basis of Lighting Experience.

Salesforce left custom objects and brought the commerce solution into the advantage of Customer 360 experience. The new B2B Commerce makes use of standard Product2 objects as well as PriceBooks. The aim is to have a smooth integrated solution for integrating solutions of B2B customer with Salesforce. Both direct and indirect channels completes with a standard Order object.

This is particularly important for customers who are already working with Sales Cloud. The new B2B Commerce Cloud is built completely on Experience, which takes advantage from Lighting Communities and CMS. It is entirely effortless to change the look and feel. 

Additionally, Salesforce regularly unifies the Commerce experience and brings together all the systems. That is B2C and B2B earlier known as, CloudCraze into one single platform. It offers multiple benefits, like a joint customer base and the same components of CMS.  Under the banner, Salesforce B2B Commerce supports features that demands a ‘must have’ feature. The platform benefits widely from the Experience Cloud and is certainly easy to extend with low code tools such as Flows or custom LWC components.

How Salesforce Sales Cloud can improve your sales process?

Automation and Productivity

With the access to point-to-click tools, you can efficiently automate many tasks. Such as sending an email, building a task, or changing a lead to another team member can happen easily with Flow or Process Builder. Sales Reps don’t require to spend long hours doing similar activities. Big deals can go through an approval process, further another Salesforce automation tool.  Since you are still working on the same platform, all the tools perfectly work together.


With the Salesforce Mobile app sales team can work together on leads and work from anywhere. Additionally, the app is customizable and update itself to meet your requirements. It even supports the offline mode, so the absence of Internet connection is not happening to be an issue here.

Get Smart 

Not everyone knows about the Sales Cloud Einstein capabilities. Features such as lead scoring, next best action, or some insights can help you unlock the full potential of the tool. With Salesforce Einstein, you can completely benefit from all the data and learning models Salesforce brings for its customers.

Planning of your business with Salesforce Commerce

You require to consider some steps before you are thinking about Commerce. Primarily, briefly understand the personas. It is quite different if you deal with the final customer in place of a dealer.

Secondly, if you already using Salesforce think of it as a seamless experience. It is indeed effortless to bring Commerce Orders into Service Cloud and vice-versa. Map your business processes and further define the customer journeys. Configure the system according to your requirements rather than using an out-of-the-box configuration. Plan correctly for marketing, customer onboarding, manage post-sales support, web analytics, and more. 

Connect Direct and Indirect Sales 

When you sell directly make e-commerce another useful channel. It is necessary to treat your customer the same way irrespective of how they reach you. For instance, if a customer gets a discount or a better offer from a Sales Rep, try using the similar promotion scheme in the web channel. 


CloudCraze Course in Noida can hep you build your understanding in this domain. Though it is an old name, the concepts and ideas are the same. By a training you basically get to start from the basic to advance level. Hence, start learning and grow in this field to bring more business.