A Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the most promising side hustles of this era. Many people who approached this gig for making some extra cash have now turned it into a full time job. If you think you possess some killer marketing skills, this might be your calling. Read on to learn how to be an affiliate marketer and reap all the amazing benefits. 

Everybody wants to achieve the finer things in life, which is why the standard nine to five does not make the cut. While giving up on a steady income to chase your wildest dreams may sound unrealistic, making time for a side hustle is definitely more promising. Today, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some extra cash and even turn it into a full time career once you master the skill. You don’t need a pre-existing business, website, or any form of investment to get started. In case you own a startup or online business, affiliate marketing can be used to promote your own products or services. You can perform the duties of an affiliate marketer yourself or hire a third party to generate sales, by offering them a small commission over every purchase through their reference.

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where merchants or retailers pay a third party or individual to generate consumer traffic or leads to their website. Most product or service providers choose to work with trusted affiliate program or networks rather than independent marketers. This allows greater security to both sides, i.e. the business owner and the marketer in the matter of transactions. The affiliate network acts as the middle-man between the merchant and the advertiser; they present a huge marketplace where vendors meet people/groups who are interested and competent of pitching their creation to a suitable audience. 

The affiliate marketer earns a decided commission over every item sold through their marketing scheme or tactic. He/she does not earn anything unless someone actually buys the advertised merchandise. A lot of users may be intrigued to look at the mentioned product, but typically only a few are willing to spend their money on it. While you could directly contact a trader and offer them your services in exchange for a negotiated share, operating through an affiliate network is definitely the better option to start with. The backing of an affiliate program enhances your credibility and guarantees procurement of the promised income. 

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

In order to be a successful affiliate marketer, the thing first thing you need is the power of ‘convincing’. Your words and actions must appeal to a potential customer or client, as that is the essence of marketing. If a perfectly written pitch is delivered in an off-putting fashion, it will be fruitless. On the other hand, if you have the right tone, but your message is unclear, failure is evident. Even when you’re not using your voice, your sentence structure and vocabulary makes a huge difference; you can use words or illustrations to communicate certain expressions and emotions after all. Once you have found your voice, the next steps will become easier to conquer.

Determine your Niche

As you enter the field of affiliate marketing, consistency is the key. You should focus on one subject rather than choosing projects randomly. You may have a passion for something, experience with a certain field, or knowledge regarding a specific topic, so utilize it to your advantage. It is best to stick to your niche and make a name for yourself within. For example, if you are familiar with all the best kitchen appliances, then you are better off reviewing a baking oven, as opposed to promoting services of a personal injury law firm. Someone who has studied law or previously worked in the legal industry qualifies to discuss related matters. 

If you start creating content for areas you are unfamiliar with, it is bound to sound artificial or forced. A genuine approach is necessary to attract consumers; don’t let it be obvious that your sole purpose for supporting a product is to earn a buck. When you have actually used or confronted something, you can speak about it more fluently and provide an honest comparison. Once you have decided your particular niche, research its popularity and demand. Applications like ‘Ubersuggest’ and ‘kwfinder’ let you discover the most competitive keywords of your niche. 

Even if your keyword is widely looked up in search engines, it might be hard to work with if the competition is dense. Affiliate marketing in an industry that is already crowded by high ranked websites can be extremely challenging. For instance, if you are blogging about a new toaster, you can only persuade a consumer to buy it if it has different or better features than the leading alternatives on the market. Sometimes it is smarter to pick an item with a relatively smaller audience and lack of exposure. 

Look for appropriate Affiliate programs and Vendors

Marketing affiliate networks like Amazon Associates, Click Bank, and Share Sale are tried and trusted. They offer a range of products to choose from, thus pick items that you like and see how you can benefit from marketing them. Make sure that the product creator or supplier is well reputed, or generating sales will be next to impossible. You have to believe in the product yourself in order to sell it to someone else. Get a rough estimate of how much you will invest and whether the returns will be profitable. 

Expand your Advertising Medium

There are several forms of affiliate marketing, so you can choose to work with one medium or rely on multiple platforms to reach a bigger audience. You can write a blog about a product or feature the item in a YouTube video. A simple tweet or Facebook post could also be effective if you have a good number of followers. A personal website is not mandatory, but it works wonders for your portfolio. More companies will hire you if your website or blog complements their merchandise. If you don’t own any online business, then you can only rely on third party websites for advertising. Finding websites that are a good fit for your material, have an excellent ranking, and are ready to publish your content is another trying assignment. 

Once you start making a handsome income, you can upgrade to paid web ads to further increase revenue. Paid ads are easier to manage and more effective in reaching the target audience, but not the best strategy for beginners. You may end up spending more than you earn back, so be wise with your choices. 

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