To become a successful Forex trader

Forex trader

How do you want to become a successful and profitable Forex trader working from home 10 hours a week?

You may have just decided that you are fed up with your boss, he keeps telling you what to do, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and after all your efforts, you don’t get any appreciation. Maybe you’ve been trying to negotiate for a while and you don’t seem to get used to it, every hour you spend seems like a total waste and you can barely train during the day because you’re at work, you are in a catch 22 situation, no You can afford to quit your job and you cannot learn to trade Forex because you do not have the time, or more precisely the right time. It all changes, but first you need to be very focused on what you need to address, and here are some important things to keep in mind.

Don’t be fooled, forget about all the ads that promise thousands and thousands of PIPS, and YOU CAN REFUSE THINGS ON THE AUTOPILOT, these claims are simply NOT true, they are just part of this MLM marketing scam that produces more spam than value. You do NOT get more information from these systems / prices than from some of the most popular Forex trading websites on the Internet.

Always calculate your total income as a percentage; it is not good to have 1000 PIPS if you only get 0.5% profit with them. By doing this, you are NOT using the leverage you have.

Now, I have spent almost 2 years learning to trade Forex, I use the word learning advisedly, the truth is that I probably spent 18 months going from one thing to another to find the “ answer ” and research a lot, but looking for the end of the second year, I decided on a strategy that would give me exactly what I wanted, a simple and very profitable trading strategy that did not take long each week.

The problem with my strategy, as with all other business strategies, was how to practice, I decided to write a solution to this problem, I developed a training module which is software that allows you to practice this strategy whenever you want, No longer being controlled by the time you have to operate on the market, you can now practice your strategy on weekends.

The great thing about this strategy is that it is more like learning a game and once you’ve chosen it, it’s biking, and you’ll never forget it!

Hiring Forex Trader

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If job sites send emails regularly, you will likely be encouraged to sign up for courses that will train you in currency trading or currency trading. They assure you of the enormous earning potential and anyone can do it and hope that with your fixed eyes you take out your credit card.

There are independent merchants and some of them have very large incomes. But this is because they have been working as dogs for several years and are very experienced. An inexperienced independent trader succeeds as often as a rocking horse is secreted.

A Forex trader buys and sells currencies, usually on behalf of a bank’s clients. When you go to Thomas Cook to exchange your books for euros or dollars, Thomas Cook has to collect foreign banknotes somewhere; they are not distributed by the Bank of England, just like banknotes. These foreign banknotes are bought on the foreign exchange markets by a Forex trader at the bank of Thomas Cook.

The key to successful trading is to predict how the value of tradable currencies will vary. It is essential to observe the movements of currencies during the day and to follow the economic and geopolitical events which affect them. Therefore, an interest in current affairs is a basic requirement. Guessing badly and losing huge sums of money is part of the job. It is a test of the nature of the dealer, and the first big loss is often what makes new dealers realize that it is not for them.

The profession attracts strong men. Women traders exist, but they are rare. Almost all of the jobs are in London and are generally not advertised. This is especially true for commercial banks and networks. It may be a good idea to ask the career office at your university if it has contact information for former graduates working in currency trading.

Generally, a good degree in online business, nature or math is required as a minimum. A foreign language will probably be useful. Some form of vacation or internship work experience won’t hurt, but many traders were laid off in 2008, so strong competition from people with experience and background is expected.

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