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Who does not want to look attractive to their lover? In every romantic relationship, there is passion, sexual tension, and romantic energy. When you are in a relationship for a long time, you might begin to take each other for granted. Of course, this is not applied to every couple, but the majority find it hard to entice their lovers after a certain period of time. It is very natural that in every relationship, a little resentment starts to get build up. However, you can bring back the charm and excitement by making certain efforts. If you really want to end up being with your lover, then the effort will be worth it. Make yourself attractive and alluring enough that your boyfriend would not be able to resist you. 

No matter what men say, but appearance does play a vital role. It will help if you practice the beauty tips to raise his blood pressure. Certain beauty practices make you irresistible, but you need to be comfortable with who you are. Make peace with yourself and be comfortable and confident in your skin. No makeup or hairstyle will look good enough if you are not confident enough, and that is not at all sexy to any man. Own your style and be yourself and try some of the beauty secrets to bring back the charm and hotness in your relationship. 

Make Your Lips Look Luscious 

The majority of the men like it when their girlfriend applies lip gloss; it is considered the hottest thing. One woman once reported on social media, “my boyfriend LOVES it when I wear a subtle lip gloss that shows off the texture of my natural lips.” When it comes to the pout, the majority of men desire a more natural look. The natural colored and textured lip gloss is more kissable. They like soft, moisturized, and irresistible lips. 

Lip gloss is a beauty product that is truly a blessing in disguise for women. It comes in different flavorsand colors. The flavors play a big role when it comes to making your lips kissable. So, if you were only wearing rocking colors’ lipsticks until now, you need to change your preferences. Buy more subtle and natural lip glosses, and it will definitely turn him towards you. The art of applying lip gloss is itself very hot. There are lip gloss boxes available in the makeup stores. They are usually packed in the display boxes, and you can easily choose your desire color and boost sexual polarity with your partner. 

Choose a Sexy Scent 

The scent does play a really important role when it comes to enticing your partner. You should always try new and sexy scents and not get stuck to only one kind of scent. Use different perfume every time you meet him. He will definitely get attracted to you because the brain’s area that makes you sense scents also rules emotions and memory. Your scent should be alluring enough to get him turned on. 

Improve Your Hygiene 

It may sound cliché, but hygiene factors are the most important for both men and women, especially when you want to have an intimate relationship with someone. It simply means that you need to invest time in your personal care. You have to put your energy into the daily maintenance of your body. Exfoliate your skin regularly. Shave regularly and keep clean your bikini line. The soft, touchable skin is something that men find the sexiest, and it cannot make it turn him away from you. The best way to get soft and supple skin is by regularly removing your skin’s dead cells and pluck off the prickly hair. Moreover, you can turn a messy bedroom into a clean one, use fragrant candles, and give the room a nice, attractive, welcoming aura. The ambiance and overall vibe do play a major role in making his mood better and, of course, turning him towards you.

The Bottom Line 

If you think that you and your lover have a lost connection and you both are not that close as you were at the start of the relationship, you don’t need to be worried about that. By making certain simple efforts and work on yourself, you can achieve that stage of all charm and cuddles again and make your relationship beautiful than ever before. 

By Anurag Rathod

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