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We have been told that our hair is damaged due to pollution, lifestyle, change in diet, and stress; which is partly true, but the actual truth is all this is due to our IGNORANCE! We fail to take care of our hair, which was once beautiful and full of life! We get so busy in finding quick options such as wig or hair supplements and attachments to cover up our ignorance. Harsh to rea, isn’t it? Do not worry as we got you covered with these amazing beauty tips for hair, here you go!

Use of Yoghurt

Yoghurt is packed with active pro-biotics, proteins, Minerals, and vitamins. Hence, it provides nutrition, hydration, and necessary moisturization to hair. Apply yoghurt on your hair 15 mins and wash with warm water and natural shampoo.

Olive oil/Coconut oil not just for cooking!

Oiling hair gives necessary moisturization to hair and scalp and the antibacterial properties in oil help fight against fungus and other bacteria present on your hair scalp. Overnight oiling of hair is a must on washing day. Try to use cold pressed oils for hair as they have maximum an out of nutrition restored in them. 

Clarified butter will make your hair better

It’s a fact that many are unaware, and others are disgusted by the idea of applying clarified butter on your hair. Surprisingly, its hair secrets of many people who are admired for their hair. So, give it a try and don’t worry about its smell as it washes off with warm water and shampoo easily. 

Onion juice & Egg whites are an affair for your hair!

Onion juice is hair. Get an onion and extract juice from it. Apply it on your hairs. Lavae for 15-20 mins and wash off. Onion juice stimulates hair  which results in long shin hair in just a few uses

As we all know, eggs are rich in protein and are a superfood for hair. Apply egg white on hair and wash-off before it hardens. Remember to use normal cold water to wash the hair; otherwise; a scrambled egg will be served in your hair if you use hot or warm water! (the egg white coagulates!)

Healthy Diet will fight for your hairs

It is necessary to make small changes to your diet to get beautiful hair. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, sprouts in your regular diet. This not only will benefit your hair but your overall health too. As we all know, beauty comes from within!

Just ask for hair packs

There are many hair packs available in the market, which are 100% natural and organic. You have just to buy the one which suits your hair needs. 

Supplements and medications for serious needs

Always, ALWAYS seek medical help if necessary and use supplements with doctors’ advice and prescription! Do not buy any medicines which claim to make your hair beautiful a professional’s advice.

It is super necessary for one to take care of hair as if it ignored for too long you permanently damage the hair follicles which will then start to deteriorate. Hair loss and dull hair will be your best and a topic for others to talk about! Start using these hair beauty tips instantly and find your way towards beautiful, healthy hair.

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