Beauty Lies? Or Beauty Lives

Beauty Lies Or Beauty Lives
Beauty Lies Or Beauty Lives

“The glow show is nature’s game to play”

No matter how hard you may try to look all beautiful with the help of beauty products or home remedies, the glow will always be shown on your face when you are happy from inside. These are not just words to share but a fact that has been accepted by the world.

Beauty products enhance the glow that reflects on your face, but the real beauty that you show to the world is the one that you hold inside.

For a long time now, I have been known to quote, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, and I have always wondered why. Why does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder and not in the soul of every individual?

Isn’t this a thing to be thinking about? In today’s world, beauty is something that is attracted by gleaming faces, however, in reality, it should be the reflection of an individual’s soul.  Does this mean beauty lies and not lives?

Well, let’s unfold this mystery in the following words…

What is beauty?

Oh boy! I guess for this, one has to fight with the whole world, as every individual holds their own definition and perhaps it is a good thing to have a different opinion from the world.  

According to me, beauty has no bounds, or something to be judged by the color of someone’s skin tone. I don’t know the actual definition, but all I know is, beauty should never be considered as per the glow that is shown on the face, but the word “beautiful” should stand for a person’s inner nature and true personality.

The word “beauty” has its own synonyms for every individual, some of you prefer to use beauty with the meaning of how others look, and some of you might just get impressed by someone else’s dedication or care towards something particular.

I believe that you should always live up to the definition of beauty that you stand for, whether it is about good looks which makes an average-minded person feel positive about themselves, or even if it is just about the confidence they show as if they own the world.  

What if beauty lies?

As the above words state, beauty has its own definition. Now I wish to continue with the topic of what if beauty lies? As in, a hoax.

If you think about it, you would agree with the fact that a face that has been attacked with acid does not remain the same at all, but does that mean that person is not a beautiful person anymore?

It surely does not mean that. This is why I stated beauty is something that an individual soul showcases.

So yes, for me, beauty does lie. All the beauty that needs to be applied on the face will never be a great idea until and unless it is given the final touch-up of the inner soul’s reflection.

However, again, many of you would disagree with my words, but hopefully one day you will realize it is all a lie to look beautiful from outside even when you are sad from inside.

If you don’t want to show the world what you feel from inside and you cover your face with beauty products that is your call, but you will always know from inside what the truth is.   

…and if it Lives!

Beauty may lie in the eyes of beholders, but never let yourself accept the lie that beauty is always meant about skin color.

Beauty is best defined as self-love, and it will always find its way to shine, all you have to do is just accept it the way you have got it.

Your outside beauty will remain with you till the time you live, but your inner beauty will be eternal, as it will never fade away, nobody can snatch it from you, nobody can question your inner beauty, and most importantly, the essence of your presence will always be remembered in one way or the other.

Beauty by Naturespired

Beauty has never been something that could be measured or given credits for in the form of numbers. If the level of beauty can ever be tried to measure, it should be in a way of showing the beauty that you hold inside.

By doing that, you would actually be helping nature in creating such an aroma that is filled with positivity and healthiness.

Origine’s Naturespired is in itself inspired by nature, and something that is created by nature, it will help you in a hundred ways to curate what you’ve been holding within.

Naturespired never over-shadows your inner beauty even when it is the best body care products brand, it only enriches your beauty with all the goodness of nature from which it has been made.

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