Beauty Essential You Should Carry With Yourself

beauty essential

When it comes to make up, nothing excites us more. Well, I am Suzie and I have been working as a Secretary for the past 7 years. It won’t be wrong to say that we spend most of hours at work instead of our homes. That’s why, it is essential for me or for all the working women to carry the beauty essential for the transition in look. Those unplanned meetings with the client and those face to face presentations calls for a good look and there’s nothing that you can do except to carry some beauty essentials. So, well, what have helped me through such circumstances, I have listed them below. So, if you can resonate me, you would know how important it is to look presentable.

Let’s check out some of the beauty essentials that you can carry with yourself.


For those unplanned meetings and terrifying face to face presenations, when you know you have not dressed up for such an occassion, wearing a red lipstick will help you in looking presentable. Apart from wearing lipstick, make sure to wear your confidence to have a successful meeting with your client. Well, I have been through such situation and I can’t remember how many times. What has helped me escape through this is a red lipstick that works well with anything.


When you work with your colleagues in a group project, it becomes important to keep yourself fresh and smell good. What, other than a perfume, can be befitting? Working closely with your friends calls for smelling good through out the day. So, make sure to splurge a bit on perfumes. Victoria’s secret collection of perfumes have always saved me. No doubt, they have the most impressive collection of perfumes. Why don’t you give it a try? The best part is they will be hosting Victoria Secret Black Friday Sale which means, their popular collection of perfumes will witness a price drop. So, that’s one of those rarest oppotunities that you hardly spot.


Sanitisers can perfume two tasks at a time. First, they remove the dirt that you have on your hands after having a lunch and second, they leave a long-lasting scent on your hands. Not only at work, you can put these sanitisers to use at home or even if you work out at gym. So, it is one of those essential things that you can consider splurging on.

Body Lotion

Well, a body lotion is another thing that you should consider adding in your bag. A down-sized body lotion will be the perfect fit for any day. Since the air coming out of AC’s can cause a dry skin and thus, to cure that dry skin, a body lotion can help. So, take your pick from your favorite store and never let your body skin get dried. Not only at work, a body lotion can be put to use in your normal life.

So, make sure to stock on these things so that any unplanned meeting or presentation won’t bother you anywhere.

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