The Basic Maintenance and Repair for Moffett Forklift

Moffet Forklift

Moffett forklift plays a vital role for businesses in handling the products and materials. If you want to make your forklift highly efficient, durable, and long-lasting, you need to make a maintenance schedule and log to make sure it works properly. Here are some of the basic maintenance and repair tips to follow in order to keep the forklift operational.

Moffet Forklift

Regularly Check Its Tires

This is one of the most important and essential routine checks that you need to make for the forklift. Constantly check the air pressure of the tires to assure that they have sufficient gas and can be handled safely. The under-inflated tires have poor traction that often ends up in accidents. Whereas, over-inflated tires have the risk of blowing up and put them out of service at an inconvenient time.

Keep In-Check the Anti-Freeze Level

To avoid any serious dilemma during the intense operation, make sure to check the antifreeze level beforehand. If the machine has small to no antifreeze, it can overheat or freeze at an unexpected time. The dealers like Truck Forklifts suggest you check the reservoir and radiator for potential leaks that can cause a reduction in the antifreeze level.

Recycle Parts of Moffett Truck

The recycling of Moffett truck’s parts is both a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of handling them. Many businesses prefer this technique to reduce the cost of buying forklift parts. However, where you buy these products matters. If you buy from some untrusted dealers, it can increase the overall cost rather than reducing it. Keep in mind that recycled parts don’t mean that they will be of low-quality, instead, they are just a revamped product after use. They are used by many businesses and have proven to deliver excellent results.

Regular Oil Change

Changing the oil of the truck with a forklift is essential every three months. If you want to increase the longevity of the forklift’s operation, this is perhaps the most pro-efficient and easiest way. Doing this step every three months ensures to increase the fuel economy. Also, it helps in expanding the overall performance and function of the forklift. This way, you can easily prevent any combustion problems.

Check the Brakes

It is one of the most obvious ones, but still, we will mention it. The worst thing that can happen to the forklift is brake malfunction that can convert into disastrous incidents. Ask your operator to address any issues they face regarding brakes on an immediate basis. One such issue is when brakes get softer and the operator has to insert extra pressure on the pedal to make the brake work. Remember, changing the brake pads only takes few minutes, whereas, the accidents can cause serious damage or even fatal accidents.

If you use the Moffett forklift on regular basis, then it is essential for you to take care of these things. Ensure that the forklift is well-maintained and taken care of. Other than these tips, you can also ask your dealers to advise you on how to keep the forklift in top-notch condition.

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