Basic essentials to create your own gym

own gym

“Going to the Gym is great for your body, but it’s also great for your mind.”

–      Rory Mcllroy

Today, fitness sector is considered as one of the most growing industries in the world. In India, the overall retail market for fitness category is more than  Rs. 7000 crores. 

Gym or Fitness centers play a vital role in enhancing growth of mind and body. 

Gyms do play a very important role in improving your health issues and makes you stable enough to relax yourself and sweating the stress out of the day.

But do you really feel happy to go to different gyms that have more crowd and less space? Do you really wish to go to places where after paying a hefty amount of money, you need to wait for others to finish their set? Do you actually like the ambience? Are you really happy with the health parameters being taken by the gym management? Do you have good set of trainers who are always ready to help? Do you find yourself questioning upon the value for money spent in the gym you are enrolled with? 

own gym

If any of the above questions strike you and you feel like making your own gym (HOME GYM or COMMERCIAL GYM),

Following are the essentials you require to MAKE YOUR GYM:


The first and foremost necessity to Make Your Gym is the budget. Usually making a household personal gym doesn’t require more amount. But nowadays in this competitive sector, what you require is the idea of amount you need to spend! You can make your gym in your budget. In a less budget, you don’t require to purchase high-range equipment or design a very huge space with modern interior. It is better to purchase equipments from a local vendor and choose the most basic equipments needed in your gym. You should definitely rely on upgrading them with time. When the time and money is right, you can go for additions and upgrades.

2.    SPACE:

Selecting a space to set your gym is one of the crucial parts. Which background or what size of the room you require to make the gym look larger and not clustered becomes a necessary question to think upon. Think yourself as a gym-member and prepare a proper structure of what will make your gym look motivational, creative and interesting.  


Interiors play an important role in motivating a person to visit the gym. It is also important for you to decide the environment wherein you feel comfortable. Interiors include mirrors, flooring, walls, paints, washrooms, lockers, etc. Mirror selfies in a gym are very popular these days. A gym without a mirror doesn’t attract a young individual to go to gym. Not only mirror selfies, mirror also plays a very vital role in looking if you are doing the proper set in perfect position or not. Than comes flooring, it is important to select a proper flooring colour along with the balanced material wherein the noise of keeping the equipments on the floor can be negated to the least. Walls and paints should be properly maintained with motivational quotes, athletes, superstars, etc so that an individual gets an inspiration to come to gym. Air-conditions are must in a Gym. Television sets / music systems are also important for a gym in order to get the pump. High intensity music boosts an individual to push to his limits. So in order to make your gym, be very sure of choosing a perfect interior.


Equipments should be chosen according to the budget you have and a space you own. Choose very wisely of the type of equipments you want in your gym. Initially, as mentioned earlier, you can buy the most basic equipments such as dumbells, barbells, plates, benches and racks. Gradually you can upgrade them when you have enough budget. Local vendors provide you with the best rates which would be lesser than the ones you purchase from a branded showroom. So to make your gym, equipments play a very important role in deciding your budget and gym facilities.


If you are making a commercial gym, branding becomes very important in order to increase the visibility of your gym. You want more and more people to know about your gym and get them enrolled as quickly as possible. Branding or marketing comes via word of mouth, offline and online. Offline branding includes posters, banners, leaflets, newspaper ads, etc. Online branding includes e-mails, social media promotions such as facebook, instagram, whatsapp and websites. Through social media, you can reach more people in short time and it is considered to be the most effective. So if you make your gym, you need proper branding and marketing to standout and make profits. 


If you make your personal gym or a commercial gym, you require proper qualified trainers to train effectively without you being injury-prone. Here you should hire the most qualified, experienced and certified trainer who can help and guide you effectively and efficiently. Managers are required to look after the gym with the proper operations of getting the gyms cleaned regularly to handling queries of customers. Proper trained individual should be hired for a managerial level as he/she would be the face of your gym and you wont like your gym to be hindered based on their behavior. 

That’s all, for you to make a gym. Hopefully, we did help you with our inputs of basics to set up a gym to the proper functioning of the gym. For more details, visit our website

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