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As the author of a BBQ book, I’m frequently asked what is the finest Barbecue smokers Grill to purchase. My response generally points them in the correct direction and suggests a few sites to begin their search.

I normally recommend one of the following bbq smokers to people. The Big Green Egg is a vertical insulated smoker. The biggest model costs between $600 and $700.

Traeger Pellet Smokers –

This is an excellent wood pellet-burning barbecue smoker. The Lil’ tex is priced at $695. The computerised controls and huge hopper, on the other hand, are a bit extra

Char-Broil Silver Smoker

This is a more affordable, smaller offset type smoker but it is well constructed and produces some great Q. They are $159 down at Home Depot.

Stumps Smoker –

this is also an insulated vertical offset smoker with a gravity fed charcoal system. They start around $1600.

Lang Smoker –

This is a traditional offset type smoker. It is made of good thick metal but it is not insulated. This offset BBQ smoker is unique in that it has a metal plate that runs the full length of the smoker just below the meat grate. The smoke travels to the other end of the smoker, over the meat, and out the smokestack on the same side as the firebox. The Lang Model 60 starts at $2195.

Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack –

This is a very nice pellet BBQ smoker with a vertical style. Used by many of the top BBQ competition teams. It is around $3295.

Southern Yankee –

Southern Yankee rotisserie barbecue smokers come in a variety of types to pick from. Small pull-behind rotisseries to big concession trailers are all available. They begin at $3750 and increase in price from there. And the following elements frequently influence their final selection.

Price –

the quantity of money you have to spend on a BBQ smoker will influence your choice. The Traeger Lil’ Tex BBQ smoker, especially for the backyard BBQer, offers the best bang for your cash. Many BBQ teams, however, employ these as well. Do not, under any circumstances, go to WalMart or Home Depot and purchase one of those $300 or less little offset smokers. They’re constructed of

Work needed –

A classic offset BBQ smoker necessitates a significant amount of time spent tending to the fire. Some people prefer a classic offset smoker to a charcoal, pellet, or propane-fueled barbecue. But be warned: you’ll have to chop a lot of wood to feed that ravenous beast. In most offset smokers, you’ll need to monitor your fire every 15 to 30 minutes. The Southern Yankees also use wood or charcoal to heat their homes.

That can get very tiresome on a long overnight smoke. The Big Green Egg and Stumps Smokers will run a very long time on just one bag of charcoal. Of course, the Traeger and Fast Eddy’s burn pellets that are fed automatically.

Insulated –

That can be exhausting after a long night of smoking. One bag of charcoal will last a long time in the Big Green Egg and Stumps Smokers. The Traeger and Fast Eddy, of course, burn pellets that are automatically fed.

Size –

Take a look at how much cooking area you get for your money. Traeger Lil’ Tex’s are wonderful BBQ smokers, but if you want to compete with them, you’ll need two or three of them. Of course, Traeger offers a variety of larger models, including some commercial BBQ smokers.

Wood, pellets, or charcoal

What sort of smokiness do you prefer? Do you like genuine wood or charcoal? Or maybe a combination of both… you’ll typically get a nice outcome if you use charcoal for heat and add some wood bits on top for flavour. Other options for a cleaner and hotter burn are lump charcoal and Duraflame’s hardwood briquettes. Wood pellets are, of course, genuine wood, and the effects are comparable to utilising real wood logs.


Vertical smokers, vertical insulated smokers, classic offset smokers (with the smoke stack opposite the fireplace), Lang offset smokers, pellet smokers, rotisserie smokers, gas smokers, and various combinations of these are all available. What type of BBQ smoker is ideal for your needs or desires?

After you’ve decided on a BBQ smoker, you’ll need to learn how to properly utilise it. Getting a copy of “Competition BBQ Secrets” and learning how the pros do it on the competition BBQ circuit is a fantastic place to start.

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