Bank Teller Duty, Responsibilities, Requirements, Salary, and etc


When you go to a bank, the first thing you get is to transact your needs to a bank provide. These tellers are at the forefront of serving all customer transactions.

In fact, the service sector is currently in great demand from the public, so what exactly is the job of a bank teller? If you only knew at a glance, the following would explain in depth what the bank is talking about, its functions, responsibilities, and requirements to be a tailor.

Teller Bank Definition

Before explaining the responsibilities of a bank teller, we will first explain what we mean by a banker.

A bank teller is a person whose job is to provide the best service to bank customers in their daily transactions.

The donor will take care of all the transactions related to money and other administrative matters, so a tailor has to take great care in fulfilling his responsibilities.

Bank Teller Duty

Below is the responsibility of a bank teller which should be properly considered and implemented

Customer Transaction Services

Bank Teller’s main responsibility is to provide all customer transaction services related to depositing and withdrawing money from the bank.

The teller must be accurate in making money-related transactions, such as calculating money, confirming the amount of money paid or deposited by customers, and checking counterfeit money with equipment

Check Cash

Teller’s job is to count daily transactions using cash checks and calculators and other calculating machines.

Processing Other Customer Transactions

Tellers are required to make other types of transactions such as bill payment, retirement savings plan or deposit.

Enter Transaction Information into the Computer

The teller must enter the data of all transactions and issue a receipt from the computer which will normally be valid with the teller.

Check and Deposit the Money

Teller will serve all customer transactions including cash deposit verification, confirmation and confirmation of the amount of money, and verification of the accuracy of the deposit slip.

Check Customer Data

The teller must thoroughly verify and verify the data of all customers conducting the transaction such as date, other information related to the name of the bank, payment documents, and identification of valid persons.

Identifying Transaction Errors Enteric

When debts and credits are not balanced, Teller’s job should also be to identify transaction errors.

Perform Administrative Duties of the Bank

Teller’s responsibilities are always related to administration such as recording, filing, inputting data into the computer, etc. So, he should also have good computer skills.

Provide Favorable Service for Customers

Since Teller’s responsibilities relate to service, Teller’s most important task is to provide good and friendly service so that it builds good relationships with customers. This is very important for the banking picture.

Place it on the Counter

The seller is not allowed to leave the counter area. If you are forced to leave, you must make sure that there are more tellers who is able to replace them or are in one place.

Bank Teller Responsibility

The main job of a bank teller is as part of customer service or potential customers. To be clear, here are some of the functions of a bank teller:

  • Control cache, deposit, transfer, cable transfer
  • Responsible for customer savings account service and withdrawals
  • Inform and promote bank products/services to customers (loans, mortgages, etc.)
  • Information about transactions, bank lists, and customer tracks, records, reports, and stores ensure that all information is accurate and complete.
  • Maintaining the amount of cash in the cash drawer and resolving problems if balance occurs.
  • Pack cash and coins very nicely and then store them in cash drawers or iron containers.
  • Responsible for transactions and currency conversions by customers.
  • Able to keep the company confidential.
  • Use a computer and software to track customer information and create reports.
  • All banks follow financial and security rules and procedures.

Teller’s work is extremely important and requires attention because Teller always deals directly with customers, so they should really pay attention to the performance, the service provided, and the attendance.


If you are interested in building your career as a bank teller, here are a few requirements to consider.

Educational Requirements

All banks require a bachelor’s degree in finance or economics for the average teller education. But in practice, all departments can apply for this job as bank employees, especially tellers.

Hard Skills That Must Be Owned

Try to acquire important skills related to bank teller tariffs such as computer skills, because of course you always have to work with the computer to access a lot of financial information.

Next, master a foreign language, especially English, for better communication with foreign customers in need of help in dealing with transactions.

Must-Have Soft Skills

Soft skills are just as important as being disciplined, responsible, conscientious, sociable and humble, patient, and able to communicate well.

Since Teller’s work will always be to keep in touch with a diverse clientele of different character, they need to provide the best service in a friendly, patient manner to provide a good image and customer satisfaction.


The next requirement is an attractive appearance (good look). Good looks mean clean, able to decorate yourself, ideal height.

Skills Needed

If you plan to become a bank tailor, you need to meet the requirements to complete hard skills and soft skills.

Master in Computer

It is imperative for a tailor to master all aspects related to computer programs in banking because it is certain that the work of this tailor will be related to this one tool.

Perfectly Calculated

Since it is always related to financial calculations, Teller should specialize in good and thorough calculations. The calculation is extremely important because it is the key aspect that should be mastered because Teller will deal directly with financial matters

Understand the Service form (Good Service)

Teller’s main job is to serve all financial transactions for all customers, so he needs to understand and understand how to serve customers well, such as always greeting and greeting someone.

How to Register as a Bank Teller

Do you already know the responsibilities, requirements, and skills that a bank provider must acquire? So now is the time to figure out how to implement the steps and how to do it as a bank teller. Consider the following.

Administrative Selection Phase

Of course, the first step is to submit various job applications for the banking company you are looking for. Documents usually include a CV / Course Vita, work portfolio, work experience, and other supporting credentials.

Trend Test

After going to the administrative level, you will be directed to take a trend test. This test is usually combined with the TOEFL test to measure your knowledge of English.

Psychological Examination

In addition to the aptitude test, you will also need to do a psychological test conducted by a banking company.

FGD Exam (Focus Group Discussion)

FGD gives you the opportunity to take case study-related tests and solve these problems.

HRD Interview

The next step is the HRD interview where you must be prepared with all the questions that an employer will ask you.

User Interview

After going to the user interview stage, the next thing you will encounter is a user interview. The user is a department head which will be implemented.

Health Check

Take good care of your health. The company also needs to test your treatment.

Psychiatric Examination

Some companies also conduct psychiatric examinations to check the mental health of the candidates in the process of hiring their staff.

Internship Phase

There are usually many companies that hire their employees directly, but there are some who first have to take internships for several books in the company.

Bank Teller’s Salary

The salary of being a bank teller is quite good, especially because financial responsibilities are certainly risky, such as offenses or calculations.

Access Bank Nigeria PLC is usually above the minimum wage from many big banks like Guaranty Trust Bank {GTB}, First Bank of Nigeria {FBN}, United Bank for Africa {UBA}, and Zenith Bank Nigeria {ZBN}.

However, If Your Position Is Still Internal, the Salary Will Be Different

It discusses Teller’s responsibilities and many other important issues related to Bank Teller. Hopefully, reviews and information about Teller’s responsibilities can now be used for those of you who are interested in a career in banking.

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