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Baby Shower Styling Ideas

A lot of people plan for a baby shower when a lady of their family is going to become a mum. In your baby shower you can invite your friends and family members and also throw a big party inviting so many guests in it. Here are some baby shower styling ideas and inspiration.

1. Choose a theme for a baby shower – If you want to celebrate the baby shower then which particular theme fits into it? This decision needs to be taken by you. Then you have to select the styling, décor and furniture by keeping in mind that particular theme. The lady who is going to become a mum can also give some nice ideas. Some of the options can include a tea in the afternoon, long lunch or simply brunch, opening gifts and playing games. It will be good if as per the personality of the lady you arrange the baby shower.

She may want to enjoy it in bohemian or rustic style, classy and elegant style, fun and festive style. The next step is choosing the color palette as per the theme. For instance, if you want to have a feeling of bohemian style then rustic timbers and earthy tones can serve the purpose. But if your interest is in high tea that is elegant then details of gold and soft pastels will be good for you. A cohesive appearance can be created if you will use accent colors which may be 2 or 3 and along with this some base colors also need to be chosen by you which may be 1 or 2 in number.

2. Pick a venue for the baby shower – When choosing the venue for the baby shower styling ideas you need to keep in mind your theme. The venue for the occasion needs to be perfect. For instance, if you are interested in a setting that is more relaxed then selecting a garden or private backyard will be a good idea. But if you want to have a feeling of luxury then select a restaurant that is classy.

3. Styling and décor for the baby shower – In order to make your baby shower the perfect one you can include some elements that can give life to the theme that you have selected. These can include the styling and décor.

  • Opportunity for photo – If you want to make the moments of your baby shower perfect then taking some pictures with the lady who is going to become a mother will be a good idea.
  • Items to be put on table – For the purpose of celebrating the baby shower in a perfect manner it will be good if you decorate the table with the glassware that are colored and napkins of linen. Along with this you can place cutlery, crockery, glassware, candles, vases on the table so that the people can enjoy the meal after sitting down.
  • Décor – The styling can be decorated if you will use a stationary that is of the choice of the guests and in addition to this, custom signage can also look good.
  • Furniture – For the lady who is going to become a mother, arranging a special chair will be a good idea. Also, for celebrating in a picnic style use low tables, cushions that are scattered and rugs that are layered. If people are going to eat a meal after sitting down then use market umbrellas, dining chairs and wooden tables that are long.

4. Activities and games for the baby shower – Various activities like sip class, painting, a workshop of ceramics, arranging flowers that are dried can make the celebration full of enjoyment. Then baby bingo, due date guessing are some games which the guests can play for having a beautiful time. For mingling and mixing of the guests these activities and games will play a very good role. The guests can chat so that they can feel good. It will be a nice activity if on the basis of a prompt some sentences are written by the guests on the blank cards. The sentences can be:

  • Suggesting the names.
  • List of baby buckets.
  • For the baby, making good wishes.
  • Advice for parenting.

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