It has happened to all of us at some time: in the middle of an idyllic trip, our digestive system is altered, and we begin to suffer constipation that does not improve with the passage of days. Occasional constipation is not a serious health problem, but it is cumbersome, especially on vacation. You can consult with online doctors from 1mg. Moreover, you can also get discount on your consultation with the help of 1mg Coupon Code.

Therefore, it is advisable to follow these tips to enjoy a more relaxed vacation and take note of the tricks to avoid constipation when traveling and taking them with you. 

How to avoid constipation when traveling?

If you wonder how to fight constipation, don’t hesitate, read on and review these tips to prevent this annoyance and enjoy your well-deserved vacation to the fullest.

Get some exercise

The absence of exercise in both women and men is one of the main causes of constipation, especially in sun and beach tourism. To avoid annoying constipation, try to make your trip a little more active: walk, visit monuments, complete a scenic route, do some sports, go out to dance, etc. All this will benefit your intestinal mobility, so don’t forget to pack sports clothes and shoes in your suitcase.

Do not postpone: everything in its own time

Often when we are on vacation, we do not go to the bathroom when the body requires it, but we wait for a specific time or place. Many people would rather ignore their need to use the toilet than do it in a public place with little privacy, such as an airport, restaurant, or train. This “delay” in defecation is another reason why tourists tend to suffer from constipation as the stool becomes hard and compact, making it more difficult to evacuate the next time.

Drink water

One of the best ways to avoid constipation on travel is to hydrate properly, it is essential to avoid constipation. Water promotes bowel movement, which makes it easier to go to the bathroom correctly. So when you do tourism and go to travel, do not forget to take your bottle of water wherever you go and drink at least a liter and a half of water in winter and two in summer.

Don’t skip any meals

It is true that when we do tourism, it is really difficult to respect a strict meal schedule. But this is one of the most practical tricks to avoid constipation when you are traveling, at least try to eat five meals a day. When you skip a meal, your digestive system does not work properly, promoting constipation and preventing intestinal transit from being activated.

Add foods with fiber to our diet

The best way to prevent and combat constipation is through a balanced diet rich in fiber. Eating greens, one of the main sources of fiber, is often difficult or unappealing on vacation. Therefore, we must look for practical and realistic alternatives. One of our favorites is to have fruits and whole grains for breakfast.

In terms of cereals, we recommend oats from the editorial team, which have great laxative properties. On the other hand, according to nutritional reports, the fruits with the highest fiber concentration are forest fruits (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants), orange, pomegranate, and Kiwi.

Likewise, the consumption of certain infusions such as chamomile or pennyroyal is also associated with intestinal transit activation and can be another good option for hot breakfast.

Also, another really practical way to ingest fiber during our trip is to bring high-fiber snacks such as nuts, whole grain cookies, or cereal bars.

Purchase dietary supplements

In the herbalist, we have at our disposal numerous remedies to avoid constipation. One of the most used, especially in northern Europe, are Epsom’s salts, which have purgative properties. They are dissolved in water, and a little lemon juice is added. You can get your medicines and other healthcare products delivered in no time using the Pharmeasy. Not just this, you can also save big on your order with the help of Pharmeasy Coupon Code.

Another of the tricks to prevent constipation when traveling is a well-known remedy is magnesium chloride, which should be consumed on an empty stomach. Lastly, we can’t forget about castor oil, so famous thanks to movies set in the 19th century like Mary Poppins, where children never wanted to take the well-known laxative.

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