What Are The Top Benefits Of Automatic Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters?


Business organizations and commercial areas would need rolling shutters for securing the premises from burglars, preventing the effects of climate, and safekeeping the goods, vehicles, and items. Parking lots in residential buildings too use rolling shutters. Maintenance and operation of the shutters necessitate physical efforts.

The users normally assign the security staff or the guard to operate the shutters and undertake preventive, as well as, corrective maintenance. The arrival of automated rolling shutters has eliminated the requirement of an earmarked employee for the operation of shutters. The advantages offered have led to more people opting for automatic shutters. It has also resulted in an increase in automatic shutter dealers in Kerala and other regions in India.

Do you want to know why people are flocking to install automatic shutters?

Several advantages make it more preferable than traditional shutters and gates. Some of the benefits of installing automated polycarbonate roller shutters are elaborated here.

Top Benefits of Automatic Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters

The popularity of automatic polycarbonate rolling shutters has reached another level in India, in the past couple of years. Integration of modern technology and the arrival of world-class firms are the main reasons behind the enhanced acceptance.

Lightweight but Sturdy Shutters

Automatic polycarbonate rolling shutters are lightweight but strong. It will withstand external pressure and break-in attempts quite effectively. Since the weight is low, the load on the motor will be comparatively less. Making the operation of the shutter smooth. The sturdiness offers exceptional longevity to polycarbonate shutters. 

Fire Resistant

Fire resistance is a quality that is essential when the shutter is used in an industrial area. It can withstand the high temperature at factories and manufacturing centers and perform without any technical problems. Unlike a metallic shutter, which will turn hot and may lack efficiency when operated in high-temperature conditions, the polycarbonate shutters function without any such issues.


Automatic Polycarbonate shutters have better service life than the other shutters have. It will continue to operate without any physical distortions or technical glitches even after the guaranteed service life if maintained properly. This makes automatic shutters a cost-effective option to choose from. Don’t go for traditional steel shutters for some minor profit. Polycarbonate shutters will prove more budget-friendly in the long run.

Save Energy and Save Money

Polycarbonate shutters are more energy-efficient than normal shutters. You can save money on the energy bills by installing it.

Aesthetic Appeal

Undoubtedly, automatic polycarbonate shutters are appealing and attractive. It will definitely augment the look of your premises. Moreover, the manufacturers offer a plethora of designs for you to choose from. Select the pattern according to the structure of your property and enhance the appearance. You always have the option to customize the automatic rolling shutters, to match the design of your property. The professionals from the reputed polycarbonate shutter manufacturers would visit the premises, if required, and suggest you the designs.   

Polycarbonate Shutters are Maintenance-friendly

The word “automatic” may raise suspicions about the maintenance of the polycarbonate shutters. It will neither take much effort nor money to keep the shutters up and working. Cleaning is easier than you imagine. You can shine the shutters using soap solution and cloth. The periodic maintenance offered by the credible automatic rolling shutter dealers would be enough to keep it functioning. Preventive and predictive maintenance is not complicated at all.

Simple and Easy Operation

Automatic polycarbonate rolling shutters can be opened and closed with a single click on the remote. The shutter can be operated without moving out from the vehicle when it is installed in a parking space. It is so lightweight that there won’t be much electricity consumption. Silent operation is another distinctive factor that the shutter is known for.


Resistant to shocks and attempts of intrusion, the automatic shutters will protect your property. It can also be integrated with an anti-burglar system to send out alarms in case of a breach. The sensors installed will cut off the electric supply and stop the operation if there are any obstructions. This prevents even the minute possibility of an accident.


The automatic shutters do not produce a Carbon footprint. Hence, it is eco-friendly as well. By using the polycarbonate shutters, you are putting your bit into the conservation of the biosphere.

You Can Open it Partially

Partial operation is also easy in the case of automatic polycarbonate rolling shutters. You can keep it half-open to let the air and sunlight in. Just raise it to the level you want without any difficulty.

Buy Automatic Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters from Reliable Manufacturers

Nowadays, automatic rolling shutters come with several innovative systems integrated. Besides offering excellent performance, the shutters will operate without any troubles. The after-sales support from the dealerships would help you maintain the automatic polycarbonate shutters without any troubles or defects.

The things you must note while installing the automatic rolling shutters are:

·         Procure it only from a credible dealer/ manufacturer

·         Ensure that they provide after-sales support

·         Confirm the warranty details of the shutter

·         Check out the technology used by the automatic rolling shutter and those are the latest ones

·         Discuss the quality assurance methods followed by the manufacturer

·         Ascertain the materials used for the shutter as well the components

·         Whether the manufacturers are ready to custom-design the shutters as per your requirement

Order the installation of automatic shutters only after confirming these points.

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