8 Auto Maintenance Tips: What You Should Know

Auto Maintenance Tips
Auto Maintenance Tips

As a car owner, you should always know and maintain routine auto maintenance. Not only does this extend the life of your vehicle, but it is also crucial for road safety. Below are a few auto care tips that can help you keep your car in good condition throughout.

1. Change the Oil and Monitor Other Fluids Regularly

The car uses several fluids for different purposes. For example, it needs engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid to function. Car owners should always check these fluids regularly because they have an essential role in the car.

Oil reduces frictions on your engine’s components. Therefore, you should ensure it is at the right level. Generally, car manufacturers are recommended to change the oil every 3000-7000 miles. However, this depends on the car model. If oil or any fluid leaks due to poor maintenance, it can affect your journey.

2. Regular Check Tires and Light

You should always check your light regularly to ensure none of the bulbs is broken or burnt out. If you discover a problem with your bulb, take your car to an expert who can determine whether the problem is the fuse or the bulb itself. Lights are a key to your vehicle. So, make sure they work correctly.

It is also essential to check the air pressure on your tire and tire treads. Defective tires can be hazardous because they can blow out on the road easily, resulting in accidents.

3. Check Battery Conditions Consistently

As the owner of the car, always checks your battery strength. When changing other things such as oil, make sure you check your battery voltage. If you notice a significant drop, then change it. You should always be aware of your battery conditions to avoid being stranded anywhere far from home or in the middle of a highway. It is not easy to notice defects on the battery because some don’t show any signs.

4. Replace Old Air Filters

The dirt air filter can allow dirt particles in your engine, which can reduce the efficiency of your car. When you travel miles and miles, your air filter becomes more and more dirt, and it should be cleaned or replaced.

Air filters should be replaced after 15,000 miles to 20,000 miles depending on the area you are traveling. Some areas are dusty, making the air filter dirty so quick, while others are not.

5. Check and Replace Wiper Blades

Damage or worn-out wipers reduces visibility during rain or storm. This can cause a disaster. You should see clearly in the middle of rain or storm, but with defective wipers, you will not. Your wiper blades should always be in good condition. They are made up of rubber. They usually start to wear out when used for long.

The old and worn wiper blades can leave scratches on your windshield, and it is recommended to test your blade using washer fluid. Always replace your wiper blade once or twice a year, depending on how much you use them.

6. Regularly Wash Your Car

Most cars are continuously exposed to many elements such as bird dropping, tree sap, and salt while on the road. Some of these materials are hazardous and can cause damage to car paintings.

Dirt and debris can usually wear out painting and clear coat, leading to damaged paint chipping and cost rust. You should always wash your car after every journey or daily to prevent long-term damage.

7. Review Your Car Insurance

Insurance is also important. When you check other things and maintain them, you should always check your car insurance too. Make sure your insurance policy is not outdated.

Insurance is always important because it can help cover the cost of repair when you are involved in an accident. It can also protect you against lawsuits and cover all legal fees. Above all, it will always give you peace of mind because you will always know that your passengers are safe. In Elgin Illinois, you find auto repair in Elgin il that offer extensive services depending on your car’s needs as well as a piece of mind knowing your car is in good hands.

8. Repair Scratch and Rust

Minor scratches on your car are always a danger to exterior body parts. They can lead to peeling paint, rust, and other structural damage.

Do not apply touch-up paint or wash your vehicle roughly if your car has scratches because it will expand or extend.

The worst part is to ignore the scratch because you may think it is not a big problem. Did you know it reduces your car’s lifespan? Consider getting it fixed


It is highly recommended that you keep up to date with your car maintenance. It may cost you a pretty penny, but it can save you all the heartache and headache when you run into unexpected road problems. Plus, you should always put safety as a top priority. We hope these simple tips can get you out and safely on the road.

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