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According to Sky News in Australia, the country is short nearly half a million both skilled and unskilled workers in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and education. That is good news for students who wish to study and then have a career abroad.

But when it comes to selecting which course to pursue in college, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the type of career you want to pursue after graduating from college. That’s where an Australian Visa Consultancy comes in to help you find out answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of job do I want to have in the future?
  • What are my professional ambitions and preferences?
  • Which professions will witness the greatest development and demand in the coming years?

To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the top courses to study in Australia, as well as their career opportunities.

Health Care and Social assistance 

An insanely increasing number of students in Australia are opting for courses in healthcare and social assistance, and for all the right reasons!

Among Australia’s most populous industries are health care and public assistance. Professionals in this sector make up nearly 14% of the total workforce. Nursing staff, elderly care and disability support staff, and caregivers for children are among the most in-demand jobs.

At so many levels, Australian universities and colleges provide a huge variety of social services and health care courses. 

You can, for example, obtain a Vocational Education and Training (VET) certificate or diploma in a field such as primary health care or healthcare management. You can also pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fields such as nursing or medical sciences.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Do you wish to use innovative thinking to improve the world?

So then, a formal education and/or a professional life in STEM could be ideal.

STEM programs are extremely popular in Australia. You will be amazed by the available options in this field, whether you decide on a VET or a university course.

You can study electro-technology, manufacturing, or machining in a certificate or diploma program. Alternatively, you could pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a discipline such as biomedical sciences, engineering, or mathematics.

If you opt for a STEM college degree, you will join a rapidly expanding industry. STEM jobs available in Australia have grown almost two times as jobs in all other industries over the past decade.


If you want to shape the minds of students in the future, then the education field is most suitable for you.

Several world-class institutions offer teaching degrees and diplomas in Australia. The majority of these credentials are even available online. A few other Australian educational institutions offer entirely online courses in formal schooling, including short-term courses.

In fact, in the past few years, Australia’s education and training field has also performed exceptionally well. This sector employs approximately 9% of Australian staff. 89 percent of them have required training and education.

But what exactly does this mean? Academic credentials in education are standard in Australia, as well as also useful for providing jobs in the sector. Elementary school teachers, secondary school teachers, and teaching assistants are the most in demand.

Construction and works

Students who are especially interested in studying an import and export field may want to contact an Australian Visa Consultancy to get their visas ASAP. Because construction courses are among the most popular in Australia.

There are lots of vocational training and educational opportunities available, such as house building, furniture making, painting and renovating, tiling, engineering and manufacturing, electrical, plumbing, and clean energy.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees in construction are also available at Australian universities and other educational institutions. Modern architecture science and construction management are two examples of fields of study.

The construction sector employs approximately 9% of all Australian workers. 50 percent of these professionals have a Postgraduate Diploma or higher in VET. Craftsmen and tradespeople, electricians, and site engineers are the most in-demand occupations.

It’s time for you to look into courses!

Australia has over 1,100 institutions and 22,000 on-campus courses, providing a diverse selection of learning options. You can pick from a variety of locations throughout Australia, ranging from metropolitan cities to distinctive natural environments.

If you are still confused about which course to choose for your career, our counselors will help you do just that. Alternatively, you can use our website to look for courses and institutions.

After selecting the right course, securing a student visa may not always be an easy task. Australian visa consultancy assists students and parents with the entire process of their international move. 

The primary function of any best immigration consultant is to help and support applicants with tiresome paperwork, understand of university rules, regulations, and codes of conduct, as well as notifying them about the admission process and bank disclosures.

The following are the other important responsibilities of an Australian visa consultancy for students:

Profile Evaluation:

Prior to actually recommending the best program options and alternatives to consider, the student visa consultant will first analyze the student’s profile.

Financial Guidance:

The Australian visa consultancy experts counsel students on their total expenditures, such as tuition and living costs, and assists them in budgeting. They also provide full details about scholarship programs and available student loans for those who are concerned about their financial situation. 

Increase Your Odds of Visa Approval:

Focusing on your student visa alone increases your chances of a negative reply and visa denial. An expert consultant can alleviate your concerns about study discrepancies or visa denials by improving overall visa acceptance rates.

Added Assistance:

After being admitted to your preferred university, there are a number of other things that must be completed before going abroad. This includes opening a bank account, selecting lodging, making preparations, and scheduling your international trip. The Australian student visa consultant will assist you in finalising these details and ensuring a seamless journey abroad.

So, do you want to reduce the anxiety of admissions and simplify your life? SIA can assist you in obtaining the best Australia Student Visa application package possible. 

Because of our experience with Australian visa consultancy and immigration procedures, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in navigating the country’s complicated procedures. 

SIA assists students in locating the best course and college in Australia to help them launch a successful career.