Top Auditing Dissertation Topics For Quick Approval

auditing dissertation topics

Deep understanding of numerous business administration disciplines, including risk governance, organisational design, and personnel management, is included into the management sector. It is admirable that the topic chosen explores both academic and practical aspects of management. Since academic advisers anticipate that students will do ground-breaking research, it is appropriate that their approval of the dissertation topic is complicated. When selecting a dissertation topic, there are many factors to consider, and it is important to explore the subject of your choice. This article explains a few potential areas of study within the field of accounting and finance.

This article includes a list of popular MBA dissertation topics in accounting and finance to assist students in choosing the best options for their area of narrative conventions. Here are some in-depth talks of dissertation topics on business administration’s accounting and financing trends and methods.

Integrated Accounting Systems

The corporate sector’s current focus is on automating more accounting procedures. Companies are also more likely to invest in automated solutions because they reduce errors and commotion. The best accounting software for small firms and larger organisations can both benefit from the ability of accountants to capture data and improve strategy. Since the process is eventually carried out on computers, security breaches and fraud are a risk. Therefore, it is crucial for internal auditors to identify any data imprecision. Therefore, internal accounting services are not taken over by robots. Therefore, a variety of industries will be most affected by automated accounting systems in the years to come. 

Accounting Software Solutions’ History

This dissertation subject promotes software development in the field of information technology. Given the growing demand for computerised accounting, the accounting software businesses present their need for it with compelling arguments. These software platforms have a variety of software features for accountants, such as the ability to maximise procedures and reduce human labour. 

According to a Fortune Business Insights survey, the accounting software market will experience rapid growth in the future. There is a big market for software systems that can organise spreadsheets and have a good concept of how to manage taxes.

Money in Emerging Markets

Financial expectations in emerging nations like Russia, China, India, and Brazil have significantly increased recently due to standard principles and better investment space. All key firms worldwide are working to have a big influence in these markets in order to get a piece of the growing pie and build their corporate reputation. These subjects assess the financial investment prospects available in the emerging market environment. 

Various Investments

Investors are increasingly drawn to alternative investments such mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity, and SEIS/EIS as a result of the financial markets’ volatility. New research have confirmed that because of the sector’s enormous return and relative lack of market volatility, investors tend to favour investing in it. It is crucial to note that these alternative investment possibilities are more sophisticated than traditional investment instruments and have no connection to the stock market. You can centre your financial dissertation topic on alternative investments like the UK’s private equity market and its investors. The passion that contributes to finding an economics topic is also reflected in the rising popularity of mutual funds.

Topics for dissertations on internet banking

Internet banking enables personal and commercial clients to request financial information and receive banking assistance from the comfort of their office or home. For individuals who can’t leave their homes and live in rural locations with little access to banks, online banking has become a lifeline. The evidence also suggests that internet banking services have a significant impact, have advanced the demonetization of the economy, and help with the development of the flow of funds into the economy. Future advancements in internet banking in the UK, ethical concerns in the banking sector, etc. are some dissertation themes based on this criterion.

Managing Risk in Finance

Six risk factors—legal, reputational, credit, market, operational, and liquidity risks—have been incorporated into the Federal Reserve System’s structure for banking risk. These antecedent elements form the core of all risk management policies and compliance procedures used by financial institutions, which ultimately has significant effects on the institution’s statements. Operational risk and business continuity of banking plans in the UK, as well as managing foreign exchange risk with UK financial institutions, are proposed dissertation topics under this heading.

Accounting on the Internet

Accounting services are evolving as a modern industry in the cloud. Using cloud-based accounting services, it is simple to access the accounts of businesses and organisations. Tracking the catalogue, sales, and expenses is also included in the data access. In the end, cloud-based solutions make it possible to create workflows and maximise crucial business time. Businesses are urged to move to cloud-based accounting systems by these positive effects. The UK’s strategic management of accounting is aided by this dissertation topic. 


To look at the matter of additional considerations in organisational studies, there is no requirement or range of scope. Because diverse techniques may differ from person to person depending on a given topic or thought, the topic selection is not fixed and precise. For the creation and use of ideas, much research is required. To choose a topic based on an interest or area of study, it is necessary to think in multiple and multidirectional directions.