AUDI RS Q8 Road Test Review

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The brand AUDI RS Q8 Road Test Review will shed some light on the sportier version of the style focused model. As for Audi RS Q8 Road test Review, the car model Audi RS Q8 has already won hearts with impressive features and marvellous results. The brand has always impressed by its feature and with impressive speed limit, but it might have been able to present more ferocity in the context of delivering the performance. And the brand provided with RS Q8’s rev-happy 4-litre twin turbo V8, and making 800Nm and 600 PS, which is exactly the kind of ferocity car enthusiast needed. The model Audi RS Q8 is sufficient to satisfy the needs with impressive performance, as it has set the speed limit of 7 minute 42.253 seconds in the fastest SUV lap time at the Nurburgring. The model Audi RS Q8 can be utilized at full potential whatever is the condition, as it is truly said in Audi RS Q8 Road test Review. 

On a narrow road, it is noticeable that the car model is really large, with a relatively low roof height and 5m wide and 2 m long. The RS Q8 model has been built with increment in 10mm width at the front and with a 5mm bump at the rear courtesy RS specific body cladding, which is surely not recognizable same as the wheels. It is also known as the world’s fastest SUV, and not just the Audi’s quickest SUV. As for Audi RS Q8 Road Test Review, we picked a venue for the drive to the mountain side at an elevation of 3,718m. While Audi RS Q8 Road Test Review, we noticed that Audi utilizes 4.0 litres TSFI V8, which is also known as the motive force for the model Porsche Cayenne Turbo and also the Lamborghini Urus. The important and attentive feature is that Audi puts 600hp and 800Nm of torque under the hood, and also couples of bangs, which is more than Porsche’s 770Nm and 550hp. But ultimately it is lower than the output of Urus, which is 650hp and 850Nm. The model RS Q8 will take the ride full of growls and life. According to the decibel, the rumble is noticeably low, but at slow speeds and setting to ‘Comfort mode’ will set firepower to this version. 

If thinking about shifting to sportier mode, then get ready to be announced for your arrival by V8 from a long distance, and also the model Audi RS Q8 has built its system with RS Sport exhaust system, which will pipe things higher. Not just these two, but also it has different kinds of modes to enjoy the ride into such as Comfort, Dynamic, Auto, All-road, Off-road, and Efficiency, and off road mode can be increased by 90mm. Also the model Audi RS Q8 has configurable modes such as RS 1 and RS 2 in which RS 1 allows you to set up the gearbox, engine, and suspension whereas RS 2 influences and manages the Electronic Stability Program. The model is designed with programmable asterisk button to set up the favourite mode while steering the wheel mounted ‘RS’ hot key. As for Audi RS Q8 Road Test Review, calling the ‘RS Mode’ switch the call on duty moiré fun. 

Before driving up to the mountain, it is necessary to tackle the city life with car mode set onto ‘comfort mode’, which is surprisingly impressive, as you can easily wander around. The model Audi RS Q8 is large to be accepted, but it is designed with the ‘four wheel steering’, which provides better chances in parking spots as well as in traffic. Sometimes the car model Audi RS Q8 takes a while to downshift after it is set on overtaking in traffic, despite the fact that 8-speed torque converter is considered as smooth and also quick. 

As it is Audi RS Q8 Road Test Review, the experience felt was huge and exciting, which will be explained below with details. While experiencing the comfort mode, the upshifts were early than expected as same as in economic setting, and surprisingly the model also consists of mild-hybrid system with cylinder deactivation. According to the brand Audi’s saying, if the driver lifts off the throttle between the speed of 55 to 160 kph, the engine will automatically deactivate for approximately 40 seconds, only if powertrain conditions are met. As for Audi RS Q8 Road Test Review, this technique was utilized to check it out, but it did not shut down. Well, of course, the technique was not tried for longer the time it should not be. Well, on the highway, the model RS Q8 in the ‘dynamic mode’ was effortless, and it is remarkable to see the way it gathers the speed. 

As we move ahead into the mountains, it is breathtaking, as the RS Q8 shows real power with the handling. The steering of the model is designed with perfect measured weight and quick as expected. While driving, we hit the car with corner after corner, but the car is still in fly mode, as it is running faster and faster. The handling is the showstopper, and its track record busting handling is considered as some serous hardware. The model utilizes the same air suspension set up as S Q8 uses, but with spring and damper rates for RS duty. The model also consists of an option named ‘Quattro Sport Differential’ for active torque vectoring at the rear axle. The real magic comes out of 48V active anti roll bar system, which decouples the two halves of the roll bar, but an electric motor twists them in the corner in opposite direction to counter the body roll. Here, it is the interesting fact that the motor also acts as a generator that charges the system when the wheels are deflected such as bumps on the road, which is to say that you will have full charged system at a place like Mumbai.  The handling bits are 22 inch 295/40 tyres, which are offered as a standard. The brake system works consistently, but while fast downhill driving, the optional carbon ceramic brakes started squealing.

Its roofline does not fit as sharply as the competitors do. Well, as for Audi RS Q8 Road Test Review, if you are willing to have sharply sloping coupe roof with high sided SUV body, then the competitors will fit the match. As for me, the sloping roofline provides the sporty look and also purposeful. The sporty look contains enlarged front air intakes, RS specific roof spoiler, the glossy black honeycomb grille, oval tailpipes, and rear skirt. 

Interior and Exterior Specification:

In the car model Audi RS Q8, the touchscreen and touch surface iintensive dashboard with RS goodies like carbon fibre finish and Alcantara, multimedia display for torque, power, G-forces, and lap time, and special RS displays in the virtual cockpit, and the optional head up display is designed with RS specific screens also. The area in front of the front passenger looks too slab sided, as it has designed with the concept of state of the art. The car is also designed with sport seats, which were comfortable as well, and did not leave any trail of complaints. The car model is also designed with massage function for better experience. Well, the model RS Q8 is not cheap, as it will be under import items, and the cost may be close to Rs. 2 crore or hike in a price according to the timing. 

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