Asia Pacific Fertilizer Market


Use of Fertilizers in the Asia Pacific Region

Fertilizers consist of chemical-based essential nutrients that enrich the plants and also helps in providing high water renetancy and help crops to grow efficiently. Earlier farmers use manures, where on the other side use of chemical-based fertilizers has been increased in order to overcome the plant deficiencies as it contains important plants nutrients which are mentioned below:

Nitrogen Fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizers obtain from nitric acid and synthetic ammonia. This proven efficient especially in the growth of the young plant development simultaneously it stimulated the healthy development of the fruits in the farms.

Phosphorus Fertilizer

Phosphorus fertilizer and its salient physical properties help in root and seed development and in the plant maturation process. Farmers used phosphorus fertilizers in the wide production of grains like Wheat, Barley, and Vegetables.

Potassium Fertilizer

Potassium fertilizer is widely used to combat K deficiency. As it helps in forming proteins, transmit sugar and starch, and also able to control the disease which promotes the better health of the plants and crops.

Demand for Fertilizers in the Asia Pacific Region

Agricultural activities being the top sector in the entire Asia Pacific region, especially in developing countries like China and India, where most of the population has been indulged in farming activities as this is the main source of income. Some factors that act in generating the high demand for fertilizers such as the growing population base with the rising immigrants, and urbanization intended to instigate the demand for food in the country. These countries have sufficient arable land for efficient farming and to meet the domestic food demand coupled with the growing export practices of agriculture food has double the growth of the agricultural activities across the region. And this ensures the major growth of the Asia Pacific Fertilizer Market. Organic Fertilizers Are Proven More Beneficial than Inorganic Fertilizers, Organic fertilizers obtain from plant and animal decay, and this promotes healthy growth of the plants organically without affecting the soil productivity. Organic fertilizer contains nutrients that eventually work to improve soil fertility and water holding capacity. Most of the farmers used widely due to growing health concerns towards food and GHG level globally.

Wide Use of Organic Fertilizer in China and India

China is an emerging country that tends to emphasize the development of a sustainable food system. As the rising demand for organic food especially by middle class and upper-middle-class population by the rising health concern. Also, the increase in the overuse of chemical fertilizers has proven harmful for farmers’ and customers’ health as well and rising greenhouse footprints. These aspects have increased the use of organic fertilizers and the top exporting countries for China’s organic food are the United States and Japan

The growing food processing industry in the entire Asia Pacific region is leading to be the to factors in proliferating the fertilizer market growth as the growing westernization in the rural areas as well, where population consuming processed food especially among the youngsters and the rising use of agriculture food by processing food industries which help in the augment the demand for the fertilizers for the multiple crops to grow to meet the domestic demand for food. The agricultural food production in china are rice, wheat, meat, and fishery products 

India considered as the top agriculture sector as more than half of the population indulged in agricultural activities, As the population heavily dependent on agricultural food consumption coupled with the growing processed food consumption due to an increase in westernization has led to increasing the agricultural activities and this is leading to instigate the boost the fertilizers market growth. Some are the top exporting agricultural foods are basmati rice, meat, cotton raw, and sugar, and the top exporting countries for agricultural food are the United States, Canada, and South Korea. On the other side, the growing population base and urban population in the country are leading to increased demand for food coupled with the rising processed food demand which has led to strengthening the expansion of the food and grocery industry.

Advantages of Fertilizers

Fertilizers tend to improve the soil quality by improving the structure of the soil

Fertilizers help the plant to grow faster 

Fertilizers provide essential nutrients which not only help the soil but help the plant to grow exponentially

Also, synthetic fertilizer gives fast results which help plants to grow faster 

Disadvantages of Fertilizers

These fertilizers not only grow plants fast but the growth of weed would simultaneously increase

The overuse of chemical-based fertilizers adversely affect the farmer’s health and also caused environmental degradation

Chemical-based fertilizers not only sometimes harmful for plants but also adversely affect tp the human skin and respiratory systems.

Lastly, excessive use of fertilizers tends to reduce soil fertility

Organic Fertilizers VS Synthetic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are made up of animal waste and decaying plants, which tend to provide healthy growth to both plants and soil by improving soil texture. As it obtains healthy microorganisms which convert fertilizers into essential nutrients and boost the substantial growth of the plant by improving soil texture and due to its high water retenecy capacity. And China is the top country that spends more on organic fertilizer in order to reduce the GHG footprints and promote good environmental health.

Synthetic fertilizers contain several chemicals provide to plants in order to achieve the fast growth of the plants. As it is in water-soluble form, absorb by plants more quickly therefore transportation process of nutrients by using synthetic fertilizers ensures quick results towards the growth of the plants.

Classification of Fertilizer

Fertilizers consist of chemical properties along with containing chemical-based essential nutrition and several main fertilizers such as Calcium ammonium nitrate, superphosphate of lime, and ammonium sulphate. These help in raising the production of the crops like potatoes and paddy. And these are soluble which intended to absorb fastly and eventually ensures the fast and quick growth of the plants. The growing gardening across the region with the growing plantation has led to an increase in the use of organic fertilizers to ensure healthy growth of the plants.

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