Are Laptop Cooling Pads worth it?

Laptop Cooling Pads
Laptop Cooling Pads

All electrical devices are doomed by heat. High-power electronics, such as CPUs, GPUs, and RAM, generate a lot of heat. This excess heat must be removed from the system to work correctly and last for an extended period of time. Even laptops with the best cooling system have to work extra hard to keep their heat-producing components cool because of their small size. With heavy use like gaming and rendering, the built-in cooling may not keep up with the workload. A cheap laptop cooling pad might help keep your computer cool if it becomes overheated.

How do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

There are two kinds of laptop cooling pads: passive and active. Powerful fans on an active laptop cooling pad move heated air away from your computer. You’ll see this design by default in cheap Laptop cooling pads.

By “sinking” heat away, a passive laptop cooling pad delivers a little amount of cooling. Cooling pads work by acting as a highly effective heat conductor, drawing heat away from your laptop so it may be dissipated into the atmosphere.

Active cooling pads are the most cost-effective, but their fans may be noisy, and they need power from a USB port or an external power source to work. Passive pads are quiet, but only the most costly and well-designed models offer significant cooling without igniting either the desk or your wrists.

What Laptop cooling pads should you buy?

A decent laptop is built with ventilation and heat dissipation in mind. But even costly computers may overheat. If your laptop slows down, becomes hot, or abruptly “throttles,” it may be due to heat. These faults commonly occur in older computers and in cheaper models than in more costly versions.

Even the newest, flashiest gaming laptops with best cooling system may suffer from heat concerns. Heat dissipation issues arise from cramming masses of hot silicon into a small plastic enclosure. For laptops, a cooling pad is the quickest answer since you can’t readily open them up.

Overheating might generate unexpected issues that aren’t immediately apparent. Ex: some Sony VIAO laptops lost Wi-Fi connection upon overheating. Video performance on inexpensive ultrabooks and netbooks may suffer substantially when temperatures rise. If an issue arises after prolonged use, a cooling pad may help.

What Laptop cooling pads should you buy?

Active cooling pads are always the most cost-effective

A pad with three or more fans is ideal but not required. However, before you choose an active pad, consider the noise. The volume of the fans might interfere with other people who are viewing films or playing games.

Passive cooling is a beautiful option when there is little noise or heat to deal with. Consider using metal or other high-thermal-conductivity pads. When it comes to passive cooling, a large amount of space beneath the device is required. All solid pads should be avoided, and larger elevation pads should be preferred. Even though they’re seldom advertised as such, metal laptop supports may also serve as passive cooling pads.

If you’re going to use a cooling pad below your laptop, ensure the size of the cooling pad you choose is close to the footprint of your laptop. To prevent your laptop from slipping off the pad, choose slanted pads rather than flat ones. However, flat pads are more comfortable in general.


The use of laptop cooling pads is a cost-effective solution to heat-related issues even on laptops with best cooling system. For the price of a single PC game, they can revive a failing gadget and bring it back to life.

There are a few alternatives to using cooling pads if these don’t work for you:

  • Always use a laptop stand.
  • Remove it off the desk or your lap and place it on a spacer to provide unrestricted airflow underneath the laptop.
  • Be sure to keep your laptop away from any insulating material, such as bedding, while you’re using it.
  • Reduce the machine’s workload if at all feasible. Encoding a video while playing Civilization is not recommended at all.
  • Consider replacing your old laptop if it’s beyond its prime. High-efficiency laptop CPUs are now available, with technology that allows for heat dispersion and decreased heat production. Follow our article on Laptops with best cooling system.

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