Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Real World

artificial intelligence

Whenever we hear the word Artificial intelligence the first thing that comes to our minds is some science fiction movie where robots are trying to take over the world. Despite that, it is not the truth regarding robots. Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human attributes. Robots are designed in such a way that they think and act like a human. In today’s world, we can say that any piece of software is basically a face of AI due to the programming that is set in it. The programming allows it to respond automatically with respect to the input. 

Following are the applications of AI that are used in various places.

1. Personalized Online Shopping

Personalizing the user’s experience is now one of the latest technology that has already started to climb the mountains in shopping arenas. Ecommerce stores are one of those that are utilizing the domain of AI will strength. These stores collect the data by checking out the interest of people through their history. Then they put their all power and resources to create such products that give their users joy and increase their selling rate.

2. Healthcare

AI is playing the most highlighting role in the healthcare industry. Healthcare Industries are linking their systems and machines with Artificial Intelligence. AI plays the role through swift recognition of the disease and allows doctors to take immediate actions for the life of the patient.

3. Gaming Reality

Different gaming designs, the development of attractive characters, and the framing of several types of stories are all happened through AI. In video games, quick response, sharp acts in non-player characters (NPCs) are all implemented through artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, it allows characters to sense and understand the situation without being a living thing. Modern games often include intelligent techniques such as pathfinding and decision-making in the right situation. 

4. Surveillance

The human operative is the one who conducts traditional security camera monitoring. Humans can make mistakes and the reason can be anything. But that mistake can cause some serious problems. AI is providing its facilities through different devices. These devices judge the surrounding atmosphere and if finds any threat they quickly warn human security officers to investigate it. Nowadays AI has involved a lot in the domain of surveillance like intruders, invalid access, unidentified individuals, etc.

5. AI in Social Media

Social Media without the contribution of AI isn’t conceivable. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have a massive amount of user profiles that are required to manage and store unlimited data with discipline. And all these things are easily possible via AI. The fact is that AI is the responsible source that is basically controlling the entire process of social media.

6. ChatBots

These days, most industries are working with virtual assistants. Most of us have a virtual assistant in our home. For instance, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. One of the recent examples that we can see is Amazon’s Echo that is utilized to translate human language into any suitable language and answer questions. Moreover, it can be used to make calls, even you can order a meal, and many more.

7. AI in Agriculture

Agriculture is a field where several resources are required including resources, labor, money, and many more. With the help of AI agricultural growth can become fast and accurate with less wastage of crops. Agriculture is making a revolutionary change Agriculture through its predictive analysis and monitoring of crops. AI has the capacity to predict about bad weather conditions and even can estimate the presence of pests that can destroy crop cultivation.

8. AI In Education

One of the benefits that AI is giving to the teacher is marks grading automatically. This will save teacher’s precious time and allow them to teach the pupil more. AI can help students in learning things deeply. For instance, AI techs are well aware of the level of student learning so they apply different techniques to different students. In this way, every student will be able to learn things easily. Soon AI can work as a virtual tutor that will be available at any time and any place.

9. AI in Automobiles

Self-driving vehicles are designed via AI. It can be utilized with a vehicle’s camera, radar and allows to let the driver know about the easiest way to go on through GPS facility. AI can also offer some additional features such as blind-spot monitoring and steering assistance that can make driving easy and wonderful. 


Machine learning is being used to observe human behaviour and act according to it. It has involved so much in our daily life that half of the decisions in our life takes with help of the latest technology. The complexity of life becomes easy since the arrival of AI either it is a field of teaching, transportation, engineering, medical, or anything else. Now, AI has even emerged in computer’s peripheral storage devices which has made pcs more compatible and intelligent than before. In the upcoming years, AI will be associated more with our life and transmute our lives in less than a decade. 

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