In today’s world, the number of mobile apps that are available in the app stores grew to more than 5 million and there is no sign of eng insight in the coming future. Moreover, for most mobile app developers, app store discoverability is turning into a tedious task. Therefore to make sure that your app ranks good and matches the intent of the searches of your user in the app store, App Store Optimization plays the role of the primary key.

What is App Store Optimization?

If you are the developer or owner of an app, there are exactly two ways to present your app in front of the users such as built-in and advertising or organic searches on app stores. Investing in boosting up the organic ranking will prove to be more valuable in the long run. An ASO company provides an end to end and management service for all app stores globally. Organic search is built on the true search intent of the user to serve a particular need, which is not the same while investing in a paid advertising and then getting downloads for the app. If you want to increase your app’s reach by boosting its discoverability and findability, do not compromise on App Store Optimization.

Why is App Store Optimization important?

Mobile Apps are considered a vast business opportunity. And with the huge number of apps in the app stores, it is becoming harder and difficult for various businesses to stand in crowded app stores. Below are the reasons for the importance of App Store Optimization.

1. App Stores are considered as the Largest Discovery Channels for Apps: 

According to the reports of Google, 40 percent of the users of smartphones search for apps in app stores. Therefore, browsing is the foremost source of app discovery and app store optimization for games can assist you to nail it. The ultimate goal of APO is to allow users to discover, click and download the app from app stores. It focuses on enhancing the visibility of the app and conversion rate optimization, resulting in high revenues, more app downloads and fewer overheads.

2. Organic Downloads- Lower User Acquisition Costs: 

One of the important advantages of App Store Optimization is that your organic app downloads will boost up over time without any cost if you have a good strategy in place. Once you are done with implementing advanced and proper App Store Optimization strategies for the apps, it will begin ranking higher in the search results and will make profits keeping less cost. 

3. App Store Optimization is a Long Term Fix:

 If you are starting your business online, then putting your overall marketing budget in the paid ads may bring you new users but it is not a long term fix. If downloads of the apps slow down then you will again have to spend money on app advertising which will not turn out to be a profitable option. Whereas app store optimization for games is a one-time investment strategy and the best approach with many benefits.

Step by step guide 

1. Do a User-Oriented Keyword Research: 

Keywords are the main component in marketing. Since App Store Optimization is considered as the main part of app marketing, keywords also play an important role. So the first step in App Store Optimization is to perform in-depth research on the target market, competitors and users. Understanding your target market in and out will assist you to win the ASO game. The objective is to create a list of keywords that you can utilize at the time of defining your app in the app store listing. It is not a tedious task, it requires your time, focus and few resources.

2. Use Keywords Wisely: 

Once you have searched for the right keywords to use, the next step is to place them in the app listing in the right way. You can also drive the most essential keywords in the app description for making it more precise. Things to be kept in mind:

• Try to separate words with commas

• Try not to use long-tail phrases 

• Use singular category of a noun to save space

• Try to avoid the use of those keywords that are already in the title 

3. Choose the Right App Name: 

This is the most essential and first thing that your users will always remember about your mobile game or app. Your title of the app should be:

• The app name should be easy to remember 

• It should comprise of one or two keywords 

• It should be descriptive

• It should not contain more than 25 characters for Apple Store App

• It should not contain more than 45 characters for Google Play Store 

4. Create Accurate App Descriptions: 

After choosing the right title, app description is an important part of the app’s metadata as it assists users to search for information about features and functionalities of apps. Therefore the description of apps should:

• be easy to understand and informative 

• include what types of problems it solves and how to solve 

• mention your important keywords

5. Optimize your App’s icon: 

The icon of your app should give an amazing look and feel with elegant shapes and perfectly blended colours. Whenever creating the icon of the app, you should not add the name or logo of the company forcefully especially when the name of the company is big enough. It presents an awful or negative impact on app users. Moreover, the quality of the image should be high and the icon of the app should reflect the functions of the app.

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