App Ideas That Can Change The World In 2021

App Ideas

This is the generation of technology and applications. We love what we see and experience. With the distinctive and unique app ideas such as Uber, Zomato, Tinder, Spotify and many others, the world is moving towards a better and sustainable future. Gone are the days, where we used to laugh over “I wish there were an app for this”. We have an app for everything now, and in case we don’t, someone somewhere might already have an idea to develop one. With this being said, we see hundreds of startups who wish to conquer the world with their new app ideas.

Some are still procrastinating over their plans, and some are searching for a reliable mobile application development company to create an exceptional platform for their business. Therefore, If you are a startup or probably planning to start your own enterprise, you have landed on the right page. We have curated some of the most successful startup app ideas you can consider for your upcoming projects. These ideas have been assorted after studying the market insights and requirements and hence can be a valuable asset to your business plans.

So let’s start by taking a glance at what your future app could be:

AI-based Picture Translation Apps :

Let’s agree, we all have struggled in speaking foreign languages and translating them to our native languages. But what if you had a translation app just like Google Translate and Google lens that can allow frequent travellers to translate texts on images, boards, objects and files into any desired language. Using this app one can also carry out the business transactions by simply integrating pronunciation features that can be listened to, copied and shared accordingly. This definitely sounds like a million-dollar idea to the travel industry.

Virtual Health Apps :

The covid pandemic has made us realize the importance of health and medical care. Such apps can create massive margins in the healthcare industry. Patients can easily meet the medical consultants without actually leaving their homes and can also take a second opinion from any professional online. Therefore, if you own medical practice, you can absolutely consider this.

Cash Advance and Money Lending Apps :

These days running short on cash and not being able to manage the budget is a common problem. Only we had an app like cash advance and money lending app where the users can withdraw the money they earned before their payday. They can easily pay back later at the given time. For a finance company, one can add other features and benefits to gain more from this app.

Find me a Flexible Job App :

This is the era of the gig economy, where every organization needs a freelancer to get done their chores. An application to find flexible tasks can be a fantastic opportunity to connect such enterprises to potential freelancers. In fact, it can come handy to students who often look for a part-time job or a side job to earn a little extra. Moreover, you will be doing an excellent job by eliminating unemployment.

Book Recommendation Apps :

A booklover can never have enough books. We need to have great app ideas where such readers do not have to search for gazillion websites to get their book recommendations. This can be a mini library where the verified readers can share their insights and feedback on the books, and that can be a great help to an avid reader or a student who might be confused. It can also be a platform for teachers to recommend reference books and other study materials. You can develop such apps that can contribute to the reading world.

Seasonal Food App :

If you are looking for something very unique for fitness freaks or health-conscious people, this can just be the right idea for you. No one says no to farm-fresh and seasonal food that is miles away from insecticides and several fertilizers. You can create a seasonal food app where the user only has to put the location and the time of the year to find out the best local seasonal farm. You can further use it as a food delivery app too.

Stress Relaxation App:

Whether it is about our professional life, personal life or spiritual life, everything has come together to form stress these times. To get rid of the stress and other distress, you can go for a meditation app or a relaxation app. However, existing apps in the market offer similar services, so ensure that your app has advanced functionalities to revive the mental and physical energy.


There are thousands of app ideas to transform your business from ideation to development. From travel apps to management apps to dating apps, our audience can never have enough. The important thing is whichever idea you use; you put your creativity and a practical solution to it. You can always take help from a mobile applications development company to offer you market insights and digital solutions for technical expertise.

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