What Startups are doing well in Saudi Arabia?

Startup in Saudi Arabia

Under the patronage of HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia has done splendidly in terms of new business opportunities. Saudi Arabia has been very spectacular when it comes to technology and therefore has welcomed the digital wave with open arms. Today, with more and more mobile apps entering the market, it has become quite a successful Saudi Arabia startups business to step into. However, before you start thinking about which business you should start entering into;

Let us take a look at all the different sectors of startups that are doing quite well today.

Hotshot StartUps

Saudi Arabia is truly the land of opportunities. It is the land where Aladdin, a street con man, becomes a price. This is where people can find progress with hard work and dedication. Here, almost every industry is progressing with leaps and bounds.

Let us look at every industry independently and try to see which the ones that are doing the best are.

On Demand Industry

The On-demand industry has made any kind of requirement easily available for the people. Now, just with the tap of your smartphones, you can make sure that you get whatever service you want to deliver at your doorstep and whatever item you want to be brought to you instantly.

Having an app-based platform makes it extremely easy for the people to mention the exact nature of their requirement and then to get a fair estimation of the price of the services before they go ahead and make the booking.

Here are some examples from the on demand market:


This is a very enterprising on-demand delivery solution that is available in the Saudi market. It basically allows people to buy grocery online. Drivers can use this platform to connect with different stores who offer products for common consumer usage. Customers order what they want on this app and the delivery drivers drive right to their doorstep with these items.


Ngwah is a beautiful app specially designed for bulk orders. This basically allows people to place bulk orders at bulk rates and helps in getting these items delivered to the doorstep of the customer.


Considering that roadside assistance is not the easiest kind of business to enter in. One has to salute the team of Morni, who have made wonders in this area. They have been able to make a name for themselves in this niche market. They are therefore regarded as one of the best startup in Saudi Arabia.

Aamr app

If getting the house ship shape and cleaned was a concern, it isn’t anymore! With the Aamr app, home maintenance is an absolute breeze. Now people can easily hire help around the house with the help of this app.

Conclusion for Saudi Arabia Startups

The business scene with respect to mobile apps is absolutely insane these days. Everyone who is anyone wants to have their own app based business.

However, while there are quite a few options available in the market, starting your own business isn’t going to be a cake walk. The most important things to consider for you are the following:

What does the market need?

There’s no point in dishing out a meal everyone has already eaten. This is why it is important for you to actually take the time to understand what kinds of requirements are already existent in the market. Take a careful look at what is available and then hit the right spot so that you can capitalize the most.

Do you have competitors?

The ideal situation would be to go for a business that no one else has ventured in. So, if you think there is a tremendous need for something in the market but there’s no one offering these services, then you should dive into making that possible.

If, however, you think there are already other players in the market that are doing what you think needs to be done, then you must be very careful in approaching this business. Make sure that you study your competition perfectly and then tread ahead with a very carefully planned strategy.

Are you building or buying your app?

There are two ways to approach the app business. You can either build your app from the ground up or you can have a development team put it together for you. This is the method wherein you get everything constructed step by step by step exactly how you want it.

This is a great thing to do if you have very specific requirements from the application. However, the alternative method is to buy a cloned app. There are many Uber like On demand service application clones available in the market.

You can simply buy them off the shelf. Since they are in a ready to launch kind of a condition, you don’t have to worry about waiting as it is developed. These companies have these apps developed in the ready state. When you place an order with them, they simply white label it with your brand name and logo and then you can go live right into business immediately.

There are of course other apps that have come into the market and are making the whole prospect of business much easier and more comfortable for the user. If you’ve been planning to enter the business domains of KSA, then do a little research on the business models of these great startups and then work out the perfect plan for yourself!

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