Tips for Apartment Hunters in Mumbai

apartment in mumbai

Everyone dreams of owning one of those lavish 2 BHK flats in Mumbai and that too in a posh suburb. However, because of the high soaring prices, buying a property in Mumbai has become a goal that most Mumbaikars want to achieve. There are numerous housing options available here.

You can find property of all sizes and types in Mumbai depending upon how much you’re willing to spend. In the affordable category, you can conveniently choose from 1RK, 0.5 BHK, 1 BHK, 2BHK, 3 BHK & Studio apartments. If you are willing to spend then you can also consider 4 BHK, 5 BHK, Penthouses or even Villas.

Types of Apartments in Mumbai:

For convenience, let’s discuss the different types of apartments you can find in Mumbai.

1 RK Apartments:

RK means room & kitchen. In 1 RK, one room, a bathroom and a kitchen are present but there’s no hall.

0.5 BHK Apartments:

BHK stands for Bedroom Hall & Kitchen. In half BHK flats, the size of bedroom is reduced for adjusting a small hall.

1 BHK Apartments:

In one BHK apartment, a full-size bedroom, hall and kitchen are included.

2 BHK Apartments:

2 BHK apartments are the most common and popularly used apartments in Mumbai. They consist of two bedrooms, one hall and a kitchen. The size of these apartments makes them perfect for small families.

3 BHK Apartments:

The 3 BHK apartments are a bit expensive as they come into the category of luxurious apartments. They have 3 bedrooms, one hall & kitchen.  

4 & 5 BHK Apartments:

Likewise, 4 & 5 BHK apartments are luxurious apartments having 4 & 5 Bedrooms respectively. You can easily find these apartments in the area of South Bombay. Moreover, there are many luxury apartments in Byculla as well.

Studio Apartments:

A studio apartment is similar to 1 BHK but it isn’t separate from the kitchen area and hall. Therefore, studio apartments are cheaper than 1 BHK.


Penthouses are the luxurious apartments present on the highest floor of a residential complex or hotel. These residences are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

Best Areas to Buy Apartments in Mumbai:

There are many things that you should consider when looking for an apartment. Factors like connectivity, availability of basic civic facilities, approachability etc. should be kept in mind while searching for an apartment. Based on these factors here are some of the most promising residential areas in Mumbai:


Chembur is a plush neighbourhood in eastern Mumbai that is considered one of the poshest areas in the city. This area enjoys the most convenient connectivity with the rest of Mumbai because of its extensive monorail network. Moreover, you can find all sorts of eateries, schools, colleges and healthcare centres here.


If you are looking for an economical place within Mumbai where you can easily afford to live then Virar is perfect for you. You can easily find 1 & 2 BHK apartments that are pocket-friendly in this suburb. This area has everything that one wants, great connectivity, well-laid roads, entertainment hotspots and prestigious educational institutes.


The city of Thane is an emerging real estate hotspot due to its close proximity with Mumbai. The seamless connectivity between the two areas makes Thane a perfect place where Mumbaikars can relocate. This lush city is a perfect place for living if you want to enjoy a modern lifestyle with a touch of nature. But this is not all, the best part of living in Thane is that you can still enjoy all the lavish facilities of Mumbai.

Kharghar- Navi Mumbai:

The area of Navi Mumbai has been considered a favourite among real estate investors in Mumbai. Kharghar is the area in Navi Mumbai that is blessed with a serene environment and picturesque natural surroundings. Other than this, it also has a well-developed infrastructure with wide roads, huge parks and an 18-hole golf course. Additionally, with the construction of Navi Mumbai airport, this area is developing rapidly. Moreover, some of Mumbai’s top-notch educational institutes like Tata Memorial, Saraswati Engineering College, ITM etc. are present in Kharghar.       

All in all, one can look for all shapes and sizes of residences that vary across different places. Whether you’re looking for spacious villas or 3-5 BHK flats or a studio, 0.5 BHK, 1 or a 2 BHK flat in Mumbai. You’ll find everything with different amenities and facilities being offered in the area.

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