The Amazing Diamond Cuts That You Have To Know

amazing diamond cuts

When you have a well-cut diamond, you will realize how it reflects the white and colored light to your eyes. In contrast, a poorly cut diamond will have a dull look instead of brilliant. The difference in these two significantly impacts the price of a diamond. Diamond dealers will use a diamond cut calculator to evaluate their price. A diamond should radiate beauty and have an aesthetic appeal.

Round cut brilliant

One of the most famous and traditional cut stones is a brilliant round, made up of 58 facets. It has the best sparkle that outshines the others. The rest are not as bad, but the light would travel better through the diamond if you look at the internal reflection. The round cut gives an optimum sparkle. These are less likely to show any blemishes or flaws. And that’s why most people prefer this over the rest.

Cushion cut diamond

Latterly, there has been an immediate rise in interest in this diamond cuts. It becomes the second most popular after the round cut, overtaking the princess cut. They come in softer cushion-like shapes in square and rectangle, and most people love this for their engagement ring.

Princess cut

Although it gives a contemporary look, this is still a classic that most people adore on their fingers. It’s most common for an engagement ring, and when viewed from up, you will see a perfect shape of square or rectangular. You are likely to see the inverted pyramid that has four beveled sides. It’s pure beauty to look at this diamond.


If you are in for something long with carats with a larger surface area of diamonds, you will fall in love with this cut. Marquise diamonds have an elongated elliptical shape and pointed ends. They also have 58 facets like the round brilliant. Thanks to their long and narrow form that is known to flatter the person wearing it. Marquise makes an ideal ring for those with shorter fingers, as they create a beautiful illusion of greater size.

Radiant cut diamond

Radiant can appear as an unusual shape, a cut between an emerald and a combination of around brilliance. It has 70 facets that give it the diamond shiniest radiance. While maintaining some soft ends, it also has some fiery look. If you would love to have a combination of emerald and round brilliant on your finger, this makes a lovely piece of jewelry. It also makes most of the colored stones. If you want to know how much this would cost you, use a diamond cuts calculator, and you will get their value. The best carat to make a square shape should be 1.00ct to 1.05 carat, while 1.30 to 1.50 will be ideal for a rectangular shape.


These unique shapes possess the brilliance of the classic round cut but strike more attention. Even with the same carats as the round type, these appear larger. They tend to make the finger appear slimmer and longer. Some people say the essence of developing this shape is to represent a long-lasting relationship. Unlike the round cut, this one is likely to show some color on the ends. If this is something you would not like, you can opt to go one color grade higher. Find out the price difference between a round and an oval cut, use a diamond cuts calculator, and decide which you will prefer.


Asscher is a combination of princess and emerald cut. They almost look octagonal due to their curved edges, but they also have x-shaped facets starting from the center’s corner. They radiate a soft glow that emanates from the stone. These are best for showcasing higher clarity diamonds, and they are brilliant in masking flaws. The suggested cut ratio of these beauties is 1.00 to 1.05 for the square shape.

Pear shaped diamonds

Most women find this teardrop shape of a diamond quite fascinating. That’s why most men are buying this for an engagement ring. It has 58 facets, which maximizes its sparkle as light passes through it. Pear cut has a flatter and larger bottom, and it is skinny pointed at the ends. It also masks blemishes making them almost invisible. However the wearer wishes to point to, it looks lovely. The recommended cut ratio for this is 1.5 to 1.7.

 In Conclusion, which diamond cuts would best suit you or your fiancée? Are you going to go for the classic round brilliant, or are you looking for something fancier like an oval cut? Maybe it will depend on your budget as each piece will have a price variance. Well, take a diamond cut calculator, and find where you fit most.  

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