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Firearms have always fascinated many people in society, and it’s a hot topic for debate due to the rising issues. Many people buy a firearm either for hunting games or protecting themselves, but some people buy antique firearms as an investment.

What Classifies as an Antique Gun?

The National Act states that any gun manufactured before 1898 is referred to as ‘Antique Firearms,’ given that it is not further redesigned or used. There are hundreds of valuable guns known for their vintage value and spawned off a unique investment. 

Today, many people try to buy antique or older guns made before the 20th century, and the market for antique firearms keeps growing. There are many houses where you may walk and see a vintage gun put on the wall in subtle extravagance. 

The older guns can be expensive, as seen in numerous auctions shows. For example, a confederate revolver is valued at from $25,000 to $30,000. Many famous auction shows have said that the demand and sale of antique pistols to rifles and revolvers have increased in recent years. 

Why Invest and Buy Vintage Gun

If you are thinking of an investment, then you may consider buying antique firearms. But before you think of going to auction shows or even making online auctions, you need to know about the rules of buying and owning an antique gun. 

The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) defines rules that make it easy for antique guns enthusiasts to buy them easily and either display them or use them as an investment. Some of the facts that GCA states are

  • Any firearm built-in or before 1898 with a percussion cap, matchlock, or flintlock is categorized as an ‘antique gun.’ The year 1898 was given by Red Jackson, a famous gun dealer in Dallas, Texas, and he made the suggestion of ‘1898’ due to the popularity of the Mauser M 98 action rifle. 

You may be in for a fortune if you can get your hands on a gun that featured an obsolete ignition system and was manufactured before 1898. The most expensive antique gun ever sold was the Lafayette Washington Steel Mounted Saddle Pistol, and the price was $1.9 million. The gun was owned by George Washington and then kept by the Lafayette family. 


One of the most crucial steps associated with buying and owning guns is passing through strict background checks and authorization protocols. But one can buy the antique firearm without any strict background checks. You can make the auction and get the firearm on the same day.

The conventional investment methods are real estate, jewelry, and stocks, but as most people go for the options, some people look for another alternative. Buying vintage guns is a fantastic alternative as compared to traditional investment options. 

The antique guns also do not lose value as jewelry or stocks do. On the other hand, vintage guns increase in value with time. 

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