Embellishing in the moments of sadness, enraged by the atrocities of life, We often comprehend our reasons to be alive.

Do you often sit by the window sill and ponder what true happiness decipher to? What is the essence of absolute joy? Can it be broken down into a simplistic perspective of experiences that we live through or is joy synonymous with money and materialistic realities? I often sit down and wander memory lane, to behold the precious moments of delight, where I felt truly happy.

I try to dip inside the ocean of reminiscence and pick out the best pearls of felicity that make me smile. It is often really difficult to find true happiness or settled peace in one’s life. Life is the school of experiences where its subjects include the endurance of pain, the balance of emotions, the enrage of anger, the hours of bliss, the perils of danger, and most importantly the wisdom of experience. The most essential lessons are taught to us while we face the failures of life.

Life is all about creating a balance between the promises of forever pleasure and the actions of perseverance and dedication. To savor the times of enjoyment we have to hustle in the dedicated hours of strife. As humans, it is very easy for us to overlook the abundance present in our lives by believing in the false notion of the grass being greener on the other end. Let me ask you a question.

Will others’ joy demean the ounces of true satisfaction you feel when you do something? How can the progress of others stop you from achieving what you want?

Why do all of us treat life like a competition, rather it as a journey? A journey where brilliant minds can travel together and create the best. We romanticize the idea of perfection but disregard even the hint of flaws present. The eminent presence of scars and imperfections makes a person real. All of us are living in a generation of fools blinded by the glass of judgment and unable to see the true beauty of life.

The real ardor of life is the presence of true content with one’s journey. It is in embracing what you have now yet working towards the future. The odyssey of a thousand miles toward your goals lies in the belief that you have in yourself. The belief fuels you with a sense of pride, that acknowledges how far you have come and fuels you with motivation to reach your destination.

We all are ordinary people with extraordinary stories that are often left untold. It is our choice to either become the stories we are or leave our life’s purpose with a sigh of regret.

To the ones who are dreamers,

A dream they want to be.

Let this article remind you.

Of all the light we cannot see.

Author Bio –

Belief is the elixir of dreams, is it not? Dreams define the very existence of a man’s being. I am Hridya Sharma, in three simple words, I would like to describe myself as a dreamer, achiever, and believer. I believe in the power to achieve your aims lies within you. Experience – Writing has always been my passion. In my 1.5 years of content writing, I have written blogs, articles, stories, poems, social media captions, pr messages, and emailers. The search for creative endeavors has never stopped and it has only made me realize that in the game of writing, no matter how many milestones you achieve or stories you write, it gives the feeling of writing as much as you can. Honestly being an author, storyteller and public speaking enthusiast, all the pieces of content I create are the stories that I want to tell, the lessons I want people to learn, and tales that I want people to get inspired by.

By Anurag Rathod

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