All About J. Robert. Oppenheimer Biography & More

J. Robert. Oppenheimer Biography

To this date, Robert Oppenheimer has been an enigma to us. The life of Oppenheimer has been complex in understanding his life behind the invention of the Atom Bomb. Yet his iconic claim ‘I have become death’ has sparked some curiosity over his profound knowledge of Spirituality. In order to witness his journey let’s dive in deep to acknowledge his scientific brilliance & theoretical perspectives.    

J. Robert. Oppenheimer: Things You Need to Know Before Watching the Movie 

He is widely regarded as the most renowned physicist of the twentieth century, alongside Albert Einstein. Robert Oppenheimer will forever be remembered as the first man for the successful testing of the first atomic weapon. The event evoked words from the Hindu scripture, which reads, “Now I am becoming Death, the destruction of worlds”.

Early Life of J. Robert. Oppenheimer

Robert. Oppenheimer was born in New York City in 1904 to a rich German immigrant & retailer. After graduating from Harvard University, Oppenheimer went on to postgraduate studies for his Ph.D. at the age of 23. After his graduation, he moved back to the United States of America and taught physics at UC Berkeley. Oppenheimer entered the era of science & technology at the perfect place & the right time. While the field of science was on the surge of auspicious technological changes. While Oppenheimer was growing up, stayed in a classy apartment employing servants, and personal drivers enjoying the privileges of life.   

Oppenheimer’s Personal Life & his Family

Throughout his lifetime, Oppenheimer was seen as an aloof genius or a self-destructive compulsive narcissist. Despite his many flaws as a person, Oppenheimer’s quirks didn’t stop him from achieving great things in science. In 1936, Mr. Oppenheimer embarked on a tumultuous relationship with a medical school student, Jean Tatlock. He was then introduced to the left-wing politics of the Communist Party by Jean Tatlock. 

Prior to meeting Jean, Dr. Oppenheimer was not interested in politics nor had access to radio, newspapers, or magazines. 

During the second world war, he was hired by the U.S. government for leading the Manhattan Project. On August 1945, the bombs he designed dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, killing two hundred thousand. During the war, the FBI & internal security division investigated Oppenheimer for his left-wing leanings.  

Julius. Robert. Oppenheimer’s Career 

In his later life, he went on to serve as Chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission. During this time he influenced the development of nuclear energy to prevent arms race between the US and Soviet Union. However, he was opposed to the development of a hydrogen bomb. 

The mind of Julius. Robert. Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer was among the few who possess a comprehensive understanding of nuclear weapons from both scientific and governmental perspectives. This lends credibility to all of his opinions on global affairs. However, some of his actions have raised suspicions about his refusal of security clearance. This personality, character, and outlook have become the focus of public attention. Although people like Oppenheimer, Danny Johnson Bozeman, and events such as Rachel Stone car accident are greater-than-life ordeals. In some way the notion that science and other elements are separate human activities that coincide dependent and mutually interdependent.


However, Oppenheimer’s creation was heavily criticized by many inventors. As many argue that Oppenheimer should not have created the weapon at all. The destruction of Japanese cities by the atomic bomb is likely to be remembered as an unforgettable ordeal. While the atomic bombs were used to end the conflict, he spoke against the weapon he had designed. Eventually, this strained his relationship with the United States government.

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