Air Purifier Buying Guide

room air purifier

Clean and fresh air helps to keep you safe and healthy. But due to increasing pollution the amount of fresh air is decreasing and to overcome this problem air purifiers are available in the market. The product helps to purify the air keeping the surrounding clean and healthy. They can be kept in offices, malls, schools and homes to get a hygienic environment. 

About Air Purifiers

Air purifier is a product that cleans the air filtering all the dirty dust and particles from the air. The air that we breathe consists of tiny particles that include germs and viruses and can make people sick so air purifiers purifies all the unhealthy air and provide you with accurate air. It removes all the dirty particles from the air and keeps the indoor safe. It is a perfect product for asthmatic persons and the ones who are allergic to air pollutants.  

How air purifier cleans the Air

The device has a filter that purifies the air. There are two types of air purifying technology used in air filters one is active and the other is passive. The active room air purifier releases negatively charged ions into the air that causes the pollutants to stick to the surface. While the passive air purification units use air filters to remove the pollutants and due to this they are the more effective ones. Not only these many other processes are used to purify the air. The two common methods used are ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

Why are Air Purifiers Useful?

Living in a clean and healthy surrounding makes you feel happy and safe. But nowadays due to big industries and deforestation, the amount of pure air has decreased. Industries and big companies emit a large amount of unhealthy and polluted air in the surrounding that makes the people sick. Not only industries, cars, buses and trucks also release hazardous gasses and make the air polluted. The smell of tobacco and smoke is allergic to many people and for all these things you have one solution and that is an air purifier. They are easily available in online stores and markets in different models and ranges. You can get them and keep them at the place where you do not get clean and fresh air. 

Air Filtering Process

The purifier has filters that run on batteries or power supplies cleaning the air pollutants. It not only kills germs and bacteria but it also helps to vanish bad odor from the surrounding. It also has the ability to control the moisture present in the air. The filter stops dust and pollutants present in the air. It decreases the chances of getting sick, making people stay safe and healthy. Place it in your home to keep your dear ones safe or place it in the office to keep the employees and environment of the office healthy.   

The purifier should be cleaned every month or at least once in every three months to increase its lifespan and working ability. If it will be clean then it will be able to work more effectively, so make sure to clean it timely.

Some Airborne diseases

They give you protection against certain airborne diseases making your health routine easier. Some common airborne diseases making you sick due to unclean air are listed below:

Common Cold: The most common disease that spreads in adults, as well as children, is the common cold. It can occur at any time and lasts for 4-5 days making the immune system weak. It is usually caused due to rhinovirus present in the air. You feel low and don’t like to work or do anything else in common cold. 

Influenza: It also weakens the immune system of the person making them weak. The disease lasts for 5-7 days without any constant symptoms. This airborne disease spreads easily among others. It is caused due to bacteria and viruses present in the air. Youngsters, adults, teens, anyone can suffer from this disease.

Cough: Whooping cough is also one of the common airborne diseases that affects nearly 24 million people worldwide every year. They cause swelling in the lungs and respiratory system lasting for more than a week. Therefore you need to keep your surroundings neat and clean to avoid these harmful diseases. 


 It is a viral infection that affects the saliva producing glands near your ears. It may cause swelling in one or both the glands. The disease lasts for about 5-7 days. Now the percentage of this disease has decreased due to the vaccine or else it was a common airborne disease.

All these diseases make you sick and weaken your immune system. They can be only controlled with the help of clean and purified air. If you want to stay away from this illness then you should use air purifiers. You can search for air purifier manufacturers and suppliers online to get the product at an affordable price.   

Air Purifier Buying Guide

There are a variety of air purifiers available in the market in different models and sizes. If you are willing to get it for personal use then you can choose the small and relevant one but if you are getting it for offices and workplaces then you need a heavy and effective one. Choose it as per your budget and some brilliant features. Place it near the window or door and get pure and purified air in your surroundings.