Always look for these factors before Air Conditioner installation

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There are a lot of things to contemplate before installing an air conditioner. A perfect location, size, and the type of air conditioner define the efficiency in the performance of the machine. Increasing electricity bills, the inability of the system to provide the cooling effect in every corner, decreasing the temperature on the thermostat are some of the signs indicating that the air conditioner needs to be changed or require the replacement of any internal component. Before you replace your old machine or visit the store for the final deal, the following are the specific factors you should look before the AC installation:

The space of your living area

Do check the size of the room where you are going to have air conditioner installation. Make sure that the output unit gives out cooling air correctly and accurately in the whole room. If an air conditioner is present at a higher location, then it may hinder with the remote control access and if it is there at a lower position then may not provide an adequate cooling effect. Get assisted by an experienced and professional worker who can ensure you the exact type, size, and the location prior to the installation work.

Efficiency factor

If you are replacing your old machine with a new, then make sure to notice whether this unit is less efficient, equivalent or more efficient than the older one. Look at the energy consumption or the star label denoting the standardization of EPA. This standardization will not only provide you dynamic performance or savings on electricity bills but will also lessen the impact on the environment.

Does it match with your lifestyle?

An air conditioner doesn’t only come with two different units but also require various pipes and whistles to attach the two units. Choose a system that works according to your comfort zone and timings. For instance, if you want to change the temperature of your house and want to control the temperature on the thermostat then you can easily select an automatic or some programmable thermostat that works as per your comforts.

The cost

Have a look at the AC installation charges. Although it is essential to incorporate the installation first, the cost factor is also an important thing to consider. In some instances, it may require some changes in structure or the decor hanged on the wall to adjust the location. This leads to the additional ac installation cost. In contrast to this, one thing is needed to be remembered that it is not the cheap system that will save you from further expenses, though it is equally important to look at the factor.

To ensure the full tag on the air conditioner installation, you can also contact a company that deals in the air conditioning machines as well as installation services. Before finalizing the deal, ask for the quote including the cost of air conditioner, installation or the service charges (in case of any additional service is provided within a particular quotation chart).

The size

A unit of small size may be beneficial but for the proportionate size of a room only. Consider the type of air conditioner you want and the structure of the room you have. If it fails to cool the room or provide you a comfortable environment or if it is consuming a lot of electricity reflecting on your electricity bills, it’s time you should call the repairer. An efficient product is the one that may cause you to spend a lot of pennies at once but gives you longevity at the same time.

Check for the refrigerant lines

Keep a visual check on lines of refrigerant. Any crack or dent at any point of the pipes may lead to leakage. Unprofessionally handled work can create such a situation.

Ask for the warranty

A warranty acts as a protection for both the purchaser as well as the contractor/seller. Most of the HVAC dealers warranty you with the time period after which the machine starts wearing out or reach their expiration before you actually start using your system. Ensure the safety of the product. The net valid warranty period for an air conditioner should cover a minimum of one year. Take the direct first-rate services from a contractor. It will ensure you seamless services from the start till the end, with the trust of professional work.

Know the life span of your conditioning machine

Even if you take proper care of your purchased unit, it will eventually wear out. Though such tools come with a warranty, and this is what protects you from the unnecessary expenses, ask for the time period for which the air conditioner will run properly. Also, make sure that being in the warranty period, the machine doesn’t affect your pockets.

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