Affordable Window ACs that are Easy to Buy

best ac brand in india
best ac brand in india

As Indian summers have become hotter and more humid over the last decade, air conditioners have gone from being luxury items to a necessity.

While there are numerous AC models from well-known manufacturers in the market, the best model for you is determined by several factors such as your room size, your cooling requirements and the kind of after-sales support you want.

Most people these days prefer Split air conditioners, although a Window air conditioner is still the more cost-effective alternative. Furthermore, a Window air conditioner uses an existing window space, is simple to install, and is ideal for supplemental cooling. Are you still wondering what to look for when buying an best ac brand in india?

Here are a few essential things you should know:

Advantages of Window air conditioners:

  • Economical: Split air conditioners are more expensive than window air conditioners. The Window AC price is more affordable and these appliances are relatively easier to maintain.
  • Energy-efficient: Window air conditioners provide excellent cooling while consuming lesser energy. 
  • Easy to install: Since they fit in an already available space, you don’t need to remodel or drill through walls for installing a Window AC.

If you are still confused over what to look for when buying an air conditioner, here are some of the most popular Window AC models available in the market:


  • 1.5-ton, 5-star energy rated Window AC.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty on gas charging and compressor. 
  • This AC is appropriate for both medium and large rooms.
  • This is one of the quietest inverter Window ACs in the market.
  • Offers excellent energy efficiency and consumes lesser electricity.

2. Lloyd GLW18B52WBEW 

  • 1.5-ton, 5-star energy rated Window AC.
  • Lloyd is known for offering the best Window AC prices.
  • This model has low energy usage and is suitable for homes and offices.
  • Non-inverter compressor for efficient cooling.
  • Ultra-low noise level of just 53 dB compared to other Window ACs.

3. Godrej GWC 18UTC3-WSA 

  • 1.5-ton, 3-star energy rated Window AC.
  • Comes at an affordable Window AC price.
  • Dust filter and copper wiring for quick and effective cooling.
  • Ideal for small to medium rooms.

4. Carrier CAW18SN3R39F0 

  • 1.5-ton, 3-Star energy rated Window AC.
  • Simple to install and comes at a budget Window AC price.
  • Dust filter to keep the circulating air clean and fresh.
  • Multiple modes for adjusting the cooling and power consumption.
  • Comes with Auto-restart, Auto swing, Energy saver mode, Auto fan speed mode, Dry mode, and Super turbo mode.

5. Daikin Copper R32 

  • 1.5-ton, 5-star rated Window AC.
  • Pure copper condenser for outstanding cooling.
  • Generates low noise while operating.
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.
  • Low emission values and environment friendly.

6. Voltas 185 LZH/185 LZH R32

  • 1.5-ton, 5-star energy rated Window AC.
  • Highly energy-efficient air conditioner for a medium or big room.
  • Comes with copper condenser coils and three temperature settings.
  • Two-stage filtration system to remove allergens and dust from circulating air.
  • Fast cooling even in extreme weather conditions.

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You do not need to worry too much about obtaining an ideal Window AC at an affordable price. If you want to know what to look for when buying an air conditioner, you are at the right place. This blog will help you pick the air conditioners available in India and help you identify the best model for your needs and your budget. Read on if you want to get the best Window AC price for yourself.