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Many students of class 10 fear science subjects as they are unable to score good marks in the subject. However, in reality, it is an extremely scoring subject. In addition to this, the subject is also extremely important for students wanting to become a doctor or engineer. Thus it is critical for the students to score good marks in the subject. Sample papers provide the students with a chance to pass the exam with flying colours. The advantages of practicing sample papers are:

Provides additional questions to the students

Though the textbooks contain a lot of questions, however, the sample paper provides the students with extra questions. These questions help the student to cover up all portions of the syllabus. Thus it helps the student prepare properly for the exams. In addition to this, the new questions also provide the student with a chance to get common questions in the exam. These, in turn, help the student in getting better marks. Thus the extra questions of the sample paper help the students perform well in the exam.

Increases the confidence of the students

Another advantage of using the sample paper is that it provides an additional amount of confidence to the students. There is a famous saying that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Practicing sample paper helps the student understand his strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, helps the candidate work on their weaknesses. In addition to this on many occasions, the sample papers contain tougher questions than the ones that are present in the question paper. Thus solving these questions creates a sense of confidence among the students. This, in turn, helps them to become ready for the exam situation.

Helps them understand the important sections

Practicing sample paper provides students with a chance to understand the important sections of the syllabus. It helps them get an idea of the sections that are most likely to come in the exam. Thus if the candidate does not have much time, then studying these parts only, can help them secure good marks. In addition to this, it also helps them in making the last minute preparations. These are critical as it helps them remember the vital regions in the exam hall. Since the important sections remain in the mind of the candidate so they are easily able to score good marks.

Creates an atmosphere similar to exams

Another major advantage of practicing sample paper is that it creates an atmosphere similar to exams. This is primarily because it provides students with questions similar to the ones that come in the exam. In addition to this, the questions also contain marks similar to the ones provided in the exam. Thus it gets the students accustomed to the atmosphere of the examination hall. This, in turn, helps them get ready for the examination before arriving at the hall. Since the student is accustomed to the atmosphere of the examination, he can easily score good marks in the test.

Helps the student in time management

During the examinations, it is very important for the students to finish the question papers within the proper time. Sample question papers of an examination have to be completed within the mentioned time. In addition to this, the time provided for the sample paper is generally the same as the time in which the examination is to be completed. Thus the students can plan the amount of time that is to be given to each and every question. This helps the student complete the exam in the allotted time. A candidate who has answered all the new questions properly can obviously score good marks in the exam.

The above description provides an idea of the various advantages of practicing Vedantu CBSE sample paper class 10 science. However, they should keep it in mind that the sample papers should be solved only after a detailed study of the textbook. Students can never use sample paper in place of the original text. Thus it is imperative for the students to study the chapters properly. If the student can study both the sample paper and the textbook then he would undoubtedly be able to score good marks in the exam.

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