Top 6 Advantages of Moving E-Commerce to M-Commerce

Moving E-Commerce to M-Commerce

M-commerce is an emerging platform where many stakeholders actively participate to greet the millennials with impressive options like product listings, locating the perfect suppliers in nearby regions, tracking their orders, and getting the product orders directly at the doorstep. A well-managed workflow is an essential one among the stakeholders involved in the business.

E-Commerce is already an effective platform where the workflows of the players involved in the business are highly synchronized and getting more attention in the on-demand delivery market. After the big revolutions in the on-demand industry specifically, the rise of mobile applications opens up the gates for the new startup owners.

  • The industrial research predicted that the overall increase of the smartphone users observed as 2.87 bn at the end of 2020. Also, 2 bn people prefer M-commerce transactions in an easy manner.
  • The overall sales due to the M-commerce platform will be raised to half of the E-commerce platform sales in 2021.
  • Deeply looking into the market, around 50% of the retailers already run their business via mobile app platforms.

Major inference from these stats is to start or upgrade the business through an M-commerce platform means, the connection between the customers, retailers, or suppliers is closed. This also has huge reflections in the revenue-making process.

By simplifying the transactions made in E-commerce via M-commerce platforms, the number of people actively participating in the whole business model is getting the real benefits. Right from ordering to ticket booking, the influence of mobile applications is high and they allow the customers to get products or services directly at the doorstep by ordering them in a comfortable manner.

From the retailer-point of view, the M-commerce platform is a very helpful tool to get the customer’s attention quickly. Collecting the opinions and the feedback for the current structure and upgrading into new surely bring real value to the business.

Even though a business model is flooded with numerous options, devices used for the business process are also taken into account to get a huge range of customers in the market. Without changes in the name and services, attaining the premier role is the major expectation from the local retailers.

To meet this demand, they create the digital front-end called on-demand delivery application to make the shopping relations as strong. Here are the six advantages for moving from E-Commerce to M-commerce to attain a premier role in the competitive industry.

Focus on Location-based Delivery

The exact location of the purchased products while on a delivery trip is an essential thing for the customers. While the products are shipped from local retailers, the delivery drivers partnered with the M-commerce interface to get consistent notifications.

Enhance Shopping Experience

Making the shopping experience as special as that of corporate business models is also an important concern for the local retailers. Getting socially connected with the customers, the inclusion of necessary features as per the latest demands from the customer side enhanced the shopping experience in a new way.

Smart Route Options

When the customers placed their orders, the delivery time must be an optimized one with smarter options like both location and route finding. Allowing GPS within the app and smart navigation reduces the time and distance for the trip. The reduction parameters also make the delivery drivers carry more orders on the day.

Carrying more orders brings more revenue to the retailers and commission for the delivery drivers too. Focusing on minimum effort on location-based services brings down maximum sales for the retailers.

Transparency & Easy Sales Reports Management

To meet the various demands from the customers, the retailers either carry the services via their own application or easily make partnerships with the M-Commerce platforms also. In both the scenarios, the payment reception, customer order processing, trip reports for the delivery drivers are easily maintained via dedicated profiles for them.

This easy way of maintenance ensures transparency in sales reports and easy profile access for all the stakeholders involved in the retail business. This attracts a huge range of customers in the market. 

Unique Shopping Experience

With the help of the M-Commerce application, local retailers can easily provide a unique shopping experience. Right from the purchasing till the handover of the products to the customers, the local retailers and the delivery partners send the periodical notifications regarding the status of the package and the trip respectively.

These notifications can make customers feel free to do further activities. Due to the convenience delivery at the doorstep, they don’t need to visit the shop. This reduces unnecessary time consumption and makes them focus on their works. The live alerts and the instant query clearance via chat make the customer relationship a strong one.

Brand Assurance Options

The assurance of the brand of retailing services surely depends on how they build the potential consumer base. Besides, the retention of the delivery partners is also necessary to provide consistent delivery services without any flaws.

With the various greeting options like subscription or membership, a wide range of products listing, smarter payment facilities allow the customers to stay in the M-commerce-related local retail business.

To summarize, visibility assurance is the essential thing and also a struggling one for the local retailers after the evolution of giant big corporate business models. By establishing a partnership with the M-commerce platforms, the local retailers upgrade their business to meet the real-time demands in the on-demand industry. Hope the ideas shared in this blog are helpful for both the new and experienced retailers to launch and upgrade the business.

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