Top 5 advantages of hiring a local SEO specialist

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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a relatively new concept in the world of search engine optimization. Google takes into account the geographical location of people and their search history and performs its tests and evaluations based on searches. The geographical location of users can be easily identified through IP, but the location of your business or site can be determined only by following the principles of Google guidelines. All your activities that determine the geographical location of your business are covered and understood by Google robots. Then, based on your Google ranking and other factors, you can gain local searches based on the keywords you worked on. This process is called local SEO.

Top 5 Advantages of Hiring a Local SEO Specialist

If your SEO game is solid, search engines can rank your business higher in SERPs, which in turn can help attract more and more customers. Here are the top 5 benefits of hiring a local SEO specialist for a business and how they can help a business grow its online presence and increase its revenue.

1. Better time management

SEO is one of the most complicated and time-consuming sectors in the digital marketing industry. It involves a variety of tasks like keyword research, internal linking, website analysis, and much more. A professional SEO specialist has it as their main job. SEO experts usually have teams dedicated to working on projects, and they can certainly give your website all the attention and time it deserves. If you need SEO but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, hiring an SEO specialist can be of great help. 

2. Improved engagement rate

Social media platforms are an area where many potential customers spend most of their time. Cleverly linking your social networks to your brand website is one of the best ways to attract lots of customers. Also, just as the name suggests, being socially active on social media greatly increases engagement. A lot of business people don’t have the time to establish a viable online presence, so they hire people to do that for them. 

3. Management and maintenance of the website

Most search engines, especially Google, look for websites that are attractive, efficient and easy to access. Therefore, website management is one of the most important tasks to perform in order to rank higher in search results. A professional SEO specialist takes care of your website structure, SEO content, speed, usability, updates and protection. Professional SEO agencies usually have all of these services in their complete packages. Some even provide web design and development services, which can be a huge advantage if you want to improve your UI and UX.

4. Better analytics and tracking logs

Analyzing your company’s conversion rates, acquisition channels, and engagement rates can be time-consuming and exhausting. It also involves other tasks such as keyword ranking and bounce rate evaluation which can be very overwhelming and require some experience in the field. An SEO service company has many professional SEO tools to carefully analyze these aspects. They can easily find algorithms that can give your website a drastic boost.

5. Economic Option

One could try to implement SEO on their own and advertise their brand on search results pages, not wanting to spend money on any specialist or professional. But the time and money you would spend initially could be completely wasted on understanding how the platform and audience work in the first place.

Hiring affordable SEO packages is very beneficial for your digital marketing and your business in general. Furthermore, efficient SEO would also save you a lot of money that you would otherwise pay for expensive and random advertising.

How does hiring a local SEO expert affect your business?

We asked some experts at SEO Darwin about the benefits of local SEO for businesses. Here are a few points we learned:

1- Provides customers with your business information

Local SEO helps visitors know exactly what business they are in contact with. They can easily find out in minutes about free Wi-Fi on-site, special offers and discounts and much more. These may seem trivial to you, but they have proven to be very important to some customers. Google My Business is a very useful tool for businesses to display their information online and so much more.

2- Help people find your business

Many internet searches are done by people who are looking for the products and services they need and if the local SEO optimization is done properly, they can find your business on the search page from the first moment and hopefully visit you very soon. This is basically one of (if not the) most important factors of local SEO.

3- A locally optimized website is useful for your business

A website is a great tool for promoting a business. With the help of local SEO, the audience can get details of your business such as address and phone number. This will help a lot of people to find out about your presence and some of them will call or visit you after seeing the information.

4- Provides you with quality leads and high conversion rates

People search when they need something. When a business finds the solution for people’s needs, those people automatically become your customers. Most of these leads that come from local SEO are real and will increase your conversion rate.

5- Builds trust among the audience

The more information you have on the internet; the more people will trust your business. Once the foundation of this trust is formed, you can have a beneficial relationship with your customers. That is a very valuable asset in the business world.