Reddy Kancharla Offers Tips on Advanced Construction Traits


Engineering is one of the most sought after subjects that young generation individuals jump upon. A good number of students today prefer to specialize in engineering and make a career. It is not a cakewalk to turn up to be an engineer and get to work. The journey from a student to a professional engineer is quite challenging. It demands great amount of presence of mind, hard work and dedication from the student’s end. However there are eminent people who attempt guiding young people on the way of engineering. One among them is Reddy Kancharla who has served the society as an expert engineer for years. 

Reddy Kancharla blogs highlight the requisites of a skilled engineer

Being an engineer is a matter of pride indeed but the process requires a lot out of the aspirant who starts preparing for the entrance examination around in high school. Then, after going through enough toil whatsoever, the candidate gets through admission process and then the degree after around four years. In that case, experts wonder whether it would be of any use if one does not derive any satiety value out of the job. Moreover, the market of engineering has undergone changes at regular intervals since years and is still in process. In this kind of a situation, the guidance and advices of professional experts are much needed. Reddy Kancharla takes this situation up and tries to ease out the intensity for the upcoming generation of engineers. He himself has been working as a civil engineer for years. He practices in his home country as well as abroad and has fetched enough accolades for himself for his contribution. 

Having a versatile range of university degrees and a strong work experience as an engineer, this industry-expert has now decided to take to social media in order to create wide-scale awareness on what all is majorly required so as to shine on in this work field. According to him, engineering is indeed a collective process wherein the work has to be done by a team and not a single individual. Thus, the first thing required in an engineer is the capability to work within a team and get adjusted therein. Besides, the ability to focus into minor details part from keeping in mind the vivid picture is much need in an engineer because it is believed that every single detail counts and deserves honest attention. Engineers are basically creators by nature hence one must have enough generosity to acknowledge other people’s ideas as well rather than sticking to the ‘mine is better’ attitude. Reddy Kancharla knows the market quite well and can predict in which direction engineering must be walking in the years to come. To create awareness among the youth over this, he started blogging and his site has been welcomed with all positives. In his blogs he makes sure to address young engineers to be aware of the changing trends and improvise construction procedures to ensure better results. This aims at making the world a better place to live in altogether. 

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