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cpa exam classes

What is the US CPA Course?

The US CPA is one of the highest accounting credentials globally that one can have. It is the most prestigious accounting professional every 9 out of 10 candidates want to achieve. It is administered by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). AICPA is the world’s highest accounting body (in terms of profession). 

A US CPA certification is issued by the AICPA to the candidates who have achieved the Standardized US CPA test and have gained quality experience and requisite in the given field. The US CPA certification carries the highest professional standards in the domain of accounting.

cpa exam classes

US CPA Course Eligibility

Candidates who pass all four sections of the US CPA exams can become a member of the AICPA. A US CPA license, regardless, is issued by the 55 state boards of accountancy of the United States that are parts of the NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy). There are miscellaneous qualifying standards governed by AICPA & NASBA that each exam candidate must fulfill to appear for the US CPA examination.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree is a must in Business, Accounting, or Finance.
  • For US CPA exam registration, you need 120 credits and 150 credits to obtain your US CPA licensure.
  • 1 year of education from the University in India is calculated to be equal to 30 credits of US education.
  • For specific candidates, graduates of a three-year NAAC-A approved degree from the University of India may seat for the US CPA examination.
  • Indian CA’s with B.Com degrees are correspondingly qualified to appear for the CPA examination in some of the states in the United States because the criteria vary from state to state.

Career Benefits that come with US CPA

A CPA review course is considered as the highest accounting degree of accomplishment, furnishing multiple chances to showcase your skills and knowledge in the accounting industry. The career benefits of taking the best CPA Exam Classes are detailed below.

  • Excellent changes for Indian candidates who aspire to obtain the US CPA licensure. The US CPA exam is provided by the AICPA, the world’s highest as well as largest accounting organization.
  • Indian candidates who pass the US CPA examination will work at the highest position in the accounting and auditing companies such as research firms, big4s, investment banks, international banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, MNCs, commercial banks, merger, mutual funds,  and acquisition firms, etc.
  • It is highly advisable for Indian CA, higher degree candidates like M.Com and commerce graduates must sit for the US CPA examination. There are solely a few international certifications that can be offered in convergence with our position and result in such heightened job opportunities.
  • It is a matter of excellence: A US CPA certification is equivalent to an Indian CA certification. In complement to the Indian CA designation, a US CPA would be standard with US GAAP, IFRS, GAAS, and federal taxes & corporation rules/ regulations/ laws in the United States of America.
  • The best US CPA exam classes in India are offered by the best finance and accounting institutes. Amongst them, the best US CPA institute in PAN India is KC GlobEd that is partnered with the world’s number one rated review course that is Surgent CPA Review course. It helps Indian candidates pave the path to success faster than anyone else in the industry.

Why Choose KC GlobEd Professionals for US CPA online classes?

Daily Virtual Classes –

Team KC GlobEd wishes to make education possible for every Indian candidate irrespective of place of residency. Therefore, we propose US CPA online classes through Zoom or whatever our candidates are flexible so that our students would never have to miss a class for any cause.

Flexible hours for working professionals –

We at KC GlobEd, understand that as a working professionals some of you might be out of touch with the basics and so, we provide extra doubt clearing sessions to convey them up to pace.

Personality Development –

We are sufficiently conscious of the fact that not every student has an identical grasping ability. At KC GlobEd, we place this into viewpoint by creating small collections to support beginners, learners, comprehend better.

Flexible Payment Plan –

We acknowledge facilitating the financial pressure for finance and accounting professionals, to do so, we propose comfortable & flexible payment plans on the course fee.

Placement Support –

We comprehend the end result is to land a beautiful paying position. KC GlobEd delivers the best US CPA training in India along with placement support.

So, what are you waiting for? Get all your queries quickly answered. Book a FREE one-on-one consultation today. For more information, you may visit the website.

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