How to generate followers and subscriptions on Instagram

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We have to be clear that Instagram makes money thanks to all the content creators on Instagram. We are all generating content for which Instagram pays absolutely nothing. On the contrary, it benefits through advertising placed by advertisers.

The ideal solution for increasing the number of subscribers and views on Instagram is the online site And to get likes for YouTube, Tik Tok and Telegram content, you can use the services from the main page of the mentioned service.

With the rise of content creators and influencers, brands have seen how collaborations with them often give better results than advertising directly on the platform.

What does this mean for Instagram? Well, it doesn’t see any of that money. And obviously it doesn’t like that. It is the reason why many influencers are noticing how their organic reach is reaching less and less people. And also the reason why Instagram is testing with Instagram subscriptions.

What are subscriptions on Instagram?

Paid subscriptions are a new feature with which followers will be able to pay a certain amount per month in exchange for seeing exclusive content from their content creator. This exclusive content is divided into:

  • Direct: it is a way to have a more direct connection with the audience, since you know that who is watching it is people really interested in the content.
  • Stories for subscribers: it would be something like the stories currently available for best friends, but in this case they will be shown to those who are subscribers of the content.
  • Badges: those followers who have subscribed to your content will have this badge next to their profile, which will help you know which users are subscribers or not.
  • Exclusive chats: followers will be able to talk directly through this chat with the content creator. There can be up to 30 people in the chat.

How do subscriptions work on Instagram?

The goal of Meta (instagram) is for you to get to know your audience better and somehow monetize the content you generate. In the end creating content doesn’t stop being a business. They seem to have said that they will start without charging any commission for the first few years, then they will most likely keep a commission from each subscription. When will you be able to get the money from the subscriptions? It looks like you will have to wait until you accumulate 100 USD before you can withdraw it.

Who will be able to activate paid activate instagram followers?

At the moment it is not known for sure, and in Spain it is not yet possible to activate subscriptions on Instagram, but everything suggests that it will be available to those creators with more than 10,000 followers or more than 250 recurring users in your live.

It is not yet known how to activate paid subscriptions, but as soon as it is available we will tell you. If you are interested, you can read how it looks like it will be possible to monetize Instagram Reels.

How to activate the subscription button that appears on the profile?

This functionality will be available once you have activated this feature.

If you want to see who has already activated the subscribers option, you have to click on “followers” or “followed”. You will see a new tab that says “subscriptions”. There you can see who already has it activated and the subscription they have placed on their paid content.

At the moment, subscriptions are invitation-only. But according to Instagram, it will soon be available to everyone. Anyway, be very attentive to your messages, because there you can receive an invitation to activate subscriptions. If you can’t add them at the moment, keep an eye on how it evolves!

Social networks and filters are generating insecurity and body dysmorphia.

Filters can be fun, and at certain times they can make you feel good. But the repeated use of them is already creating mental problems in a large part of the population.

It is very normal that sometimes you feel the need to use filters to look better, but if you think it is causing you stress and you feel identified with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, stop using them or seek help. It is not worth suffering at that level in mental health, just to keep creating content.

Shopify Collabs

If you’re not very up to date with ecommerce stuff, you might not know what Shopiffy is and what this news implies, but it’s super good!

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce managers. That is, what many brands use to create their websites (writeres, for example, is created with Shopify).

This news only reaffirms that content creators are here to stay!

Will TikTok overtake Google?

Generation Z uses TikTok more than Google. If Google used to be the all-knowledgeable go-to for the most rocking questions… young people find in TikTok that safe place to ask them.

They find their answers through video, from a person… instead of text, which is usually much colder and less personal.

Create disruptive content

New generations want brands that are aligned with their values. More and more brands, out of conviction or obligation, feel the need to communicate disruptive or socially responsible messages.

These brands are looking for brand ambassadors that fit with their values… so today more than ever we recommend you to create unique and different content.

New avatar much more successful!

Meta has disappointed those who thought that the metaverse was just around the corner. And everything points to the fact that we are still waiting for a second reality in which they say we will be able to live.

After the criticism that Mark Zuckenber had with the avatar for Horizons… he has come out in his defense with a new improved avatar and an apology. He says the quality will be much better in a few years.

For the moment, it’s true that the graphics are reminiscent of video games from years ago.

Tik Tok, Google Maps competitor

Tik Tok has long since ceased to be a social network of dances. The latest news is that at a strategic level it seems that they want to compete with Google Maps, and it makes sense. As we have seen, generation Z is increasingly turning to TikTok for information? so it does not seem strange that soon we will see a Google Maps on TikTok’s own platform.

We hope you found this interesting!